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Cross Trainer Buying Guide

That's just some of the many reasons that these machines have become so popular since the first Cross Trainer entered the market in 1995. Machines have come a long way since then! Now you are literally spoilt for choice, but we have outlined a few important questions to consider, ensuring you get the ideal Cross Trainer for you and your needs.

Before you start

Consider how you're going to use the Cross Trainer?
If you are simply looking to integrate some exercise into your weekly routine with a bit of gentle cardio and you're not too concerned about lots of programmes and features then a basic entry level machine may suffice. However, if you are serious about getting great results and view your health and fitness as an important aspect of your life, it is probably best to consider a better quality machine. Sure, it's a little more outlay in the beginning, but being able to enjoy hassle-free workouts whilst avoiding wasted travel time and money on fitness classes and gym memberships will definitely prove to be a wise investment in the long run!

Who will use the machine?
It's crucial to opt for a machine that is suited to your stature and weight. If you are average height and weight, then a Cross Trainer with a basic 16" stride length may be adequate. Taller or heavier users should definitely look at which larger, more robust models are affordable. There is nothing worse than feeling restricted by a compact machine, or feeling that there is excessive flexing of the frame, so always take heed of the maximum user weight.

Where are you going to keep it?
Whatever models you are looking at, make a note of the machine's dimensions and then measure up a good spot at home that allows you to enjoy the full motion of the Cross Training experience! – You don't want to have your new machine delivered and then struggle to find room for it!

What features are important to YOU?
Remember to look through the machines specifications objectively! It's easier to decide on which model is right for you if you consider what features and programmes you will be likely to actually use!

In the following categories, we have outlined what to typically expect and consider from Elliptical trainers at various price points:

Under £400


  • Basic and user-friendly entry level machines
  • Fairly compact if limited on space
  • Fairly manageable to manoeuvre due to weight
  • A decent selection of basic programmes
  • Pulse sensors to monitor heart rate (some models may be compatible with a wireless chest strap)
  • Around a 16" stride length suitable for Users under 6' tall


  • Not really designed for 'serious' users
  • Taller users may find the size/stride length restrictive
  • Limited maximum user weight
  • Few features



  • Improved build quality
  • Larger maximum user weight
  • Some models may have a longer stride length – preferred by taller users
  • Some models are compatible with Polar chest belt (heart monitors)
  • Heavier duty flywheel offers a smoother movement
  • A good selection of features (Some models even have MP3 Connectivity/Inbuilt speakers etc)


  • Limited number of models featuring 18"+ Stride lengths (for a larger range, please see next price category
  • No electric incline



  • Very Good build quality
  • Above 18" stride lengths- great for all shapes & sizes.
  • Super smooth pedal action
  • Wide selection of Programmes to keep you motivated & challenged
  • Superior Consoles provide all your training feedback & more
  • Look out for electric incline on some models for extra results!
  • Loads of great features to keep boredom at bay!


  • When only the best will do!
  • Designed to offer an unparalleled workout experience
  • Perfect for all users, from the discerning enthusiast to the serious athlete
  • Superb build quality designed for long term, rigorous use
  • Boasting a vast array of features for your entertainment, comfort & convenience (far too many to list! Please check out the range for details)
  • The generous stride lengths are expertly designed to provide a comfortable, natural elliptical movement whether forwards or backwards.
  • Simply the best!