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The Machines

Nespresso continuously reinvents coffee machines and the way premium coffee is prepared with a range of smartly designed and easy-to-use machines. The machines are specifically developed to complement and enhance the aroma, crema and flavour of their 19 Grand Cru coffees.

The Coffee

Nespresso Grand Cru coffees are produced from an exclusive selection of the finest coffee grown in the world. Their choice of exceptional blends and pure, single origin coffees is specially developed to suit every taste preference and offer variety to discerning coffee lovers. Only 1-2% of the coffee grown globally meets their specific taste and aroma profiles and their high standards of quality and sustainability.

The Club

The Nespresso Club is at the heart of what they do and has been developed to create the ultimate coffee experience for all of their Club Members. Nespresso ensures that coffee farmers and their communities benefit from a shared dedication to highest quality coffee through their unique AAA Sustainability Quality ProgramTM. The Ecolaboration program involves paying premiums of around 30% - 40% above standard market price, for the highest quality coffee and more sustainable farming practices.