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  1. Oriental painterly bird scarf Oriental painterly bird scarf
  2. Strawberry conversational scarf Strawberry conversational scarf
  3. Zebra Print Scarf Zebra Print Scarf
  4. Layer Disc Necklace Layer Disc Necklace
  5. Flat Fringe Metal Choker Flat Fringe Metal Choker
  6. The mary multi row necklace The mary multi row necklace
  7. Paisley print scarf Paisley print scarf
  8. Metallic Texture Resin Necklace Metallic Texture Resin Necklace
  9. Painted Dot Print Scarf
  10. Dreamers Double Row Bracelet
  11. Dreamers Double Row Necklace Dreamers Double Row Necklace
  12. Cluster Beaded Lariat Cluster Beaded Lariat

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