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Acqua Di Parma

Acqua di Parma embodies an all-Italian style, evoking its origins and unmistakeable sophistication, exquisite craftsmanship and the quality of the materials. Acqua di Parma is a modern classic, remaining true to its timeless Italian heritage.

The fragrances are made with the most prestigious essences and extracts. The iconic bottle, with its pure, Art Deco-inspired lines, is made by hand, by master glassmakers. The stylish cylindrical boxes – the unmistakeable Acqua di Parma “hatboxes” - are made by artisans and hand-embossed with the historic Parma royal seal. The scented candles are made entirely by hand by Italian craftsmen using selected natural waxes blended with concentrated essences. The same care is lavished on the shaving accessories which use prestige materials and sophisticated finishes.