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AlcoSense AlcoSense Ultra Breathalyser

Product code:  241832125

Product Description

Designed from the ground up by AlcoSense in the UK with Patented new features, the Ultra packs the punch of a breathalyzer twice its price and brings near Police accuracy into the reach of the consumer. Police Pedigree. The AlcoSense Ultra is the first consumer breathalyzer in the world to use the same 200mm² professional fuel cell alcohol sensor as several UK, US & European Police Breathalyzers.

Professional Sampling System with Temperature Compensation. The AlcoSense Ultra uses a professional grade sampling system to ensure that only deep lung air (the most accurate part of the breath) is measured by the sensor. It uses professional grade sensors to measure the blow pressure, flow rate and volume of breath exhaled and takes a reading when 1 litre of air has been exhaled, ensuring the most accurate sample is always taken. To improve accuracy even further, readings are fine-tuned according to temperature. These sensors also allow the Ultra to get clever with BlowCoach. Memory Recall & PC Connectivity. The AlcoSense Ultra will store 128 results in its on-board memory with date and time stamps, using USB and AlcoSense?s software (available early 2016) the results can be downloaded to your Windows PC for analysis and record keeping. BlowCoach. Most issues while doing a breath test are caused by either blowing too hard, too soft or not for long enough, and with some products this can also cause inaccurate results.
    • Depth  2.5 cm
    • Height  10.5 cm
    • Width  5.5 cm

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