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BH Fitness Tt maxima multi gym

Product code:  235949891

Product Description

Introducing the BH Fitness TT Maxima Multi gym, a slice of absolute first rate gym machinery that brings industry leading build quality together with cutting edge workout features. To live up to this rather tall pedestal we ve just put the TT Maxima on we ll breakdown the features that make it so good, the first of which is the humongous expanse of exercise capabilities it offers.A multi-grip chest press can pivot and change angle on an adjustable arm just above it, a simple quick release pin allows you to alter to incline press, shoulder press, decline press and even seated rows too. The back pad adjusts back and forth so that you re always in the optimum seating position depending on the angle. The chest press can be angled out of the way so that you can take full advantage of the two articulating cable arms just behind it, this is where your exercise range truly opens up. The two arms can pivot up and down simulating a free weight natural motion for close too endless exercise opportunities. The usual high and low pulley stations that can be found on every multi gym can be found on this one too, as can a leg developer at the front just to make sure all your muscles are well covered.Industry leading build quality comes from a finely tuned system of pulleys with bearings and triple thread high resistance cables that diminish friction for smooth, seamless motions. Precision welds on the epoxy coated steel and 5 points of floor contact ensure the TT Maxima feels completely safe
  • Multi Gyms
  • Height  215 cm
  • Length  200 cm
  • Width  120 cm

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