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  • Beauty at any age

    Moisture levels, hormones, and collagen production are just some of the factors that alter your skin’s appearance throughout your lifetime. It is therefore really important not to stick to the same products, but to grow and adapt your skincare regime to suit your age.

    Here’s our guide to getting it right at any age…

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  • In Your 20s

    In your teens and 20s, collagen levels are high but hormones are only just starting to settle down. Look out for lightweight products that won’t overload the skin, and oil control
    formulas to help prevent pore clogging and spots.

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  • In your 30s & 40s

    In your 30s and 40s, collagen production starts to wane, which may cause fine lines and wrinkles. Cell turnover also begins to slow causing dullness. Choose products packed with antioxidants to prevent ageing as well as those that boost cell turnover.

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  • In your 50s & 60s

    In your 50s and 60s, collagen production slows and moisture levels decrease, leaving it dry with enhanced lines and wrinkles. Use products with a high moisture content that don’t strip the skin to help plump skin and prevent sagging.

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