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biba lingerie

Exclusive to House of Fraser, Biba is unashamedly luxe. Discover the must-have iconic leopard fur, vintage inspired kimonos and party ready, floor sweeping gowns.

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  1. Dotty Divine balcony bra
  2. Dotty Divine thong Dotty Divine thong
  3. Dotty Divine balcony uw bra
  4. Brigitte Biba short Brigitte Biba short
  5. Brigitte Biba thong Brigitte Biba thong
  6. Brigitte padded balcony bra Brigitte padded balcony bra
  7. Sophia jacquard brief Sophia jacquard brief
  8. Greta leopard short Greta leopard short
  9. Marilyn control brief Marilyn control brief
  10. Brigitte balcony bra Brigitte balcony bra
  11. Marilyn wyob dress Marilyn wyob dress
  12. Grace thong Grace thong
  13. Grace short Grace short
  14. Grace plunge bra Grace plunge bra
  15. Grace Range in Black Grace Range in Black
  16. Marilyn control brief Marilyn control brief
  17. Grace nude thong Grace nude thong
  18. Grace nude short Grace nude short
  19. Greta leopard thong Greta leopard thong
  20. Greta leopard plunge bra Greta leopard plunge bra
  21. Grace nude plunge bra Grace nude plunge bra
  22. Grace Range in Nude Grace Range in Nude
  23. Greta Range in Leopard Greta Range in Leopard
  24. Fanfare padded bra
  25. Sophia jacquard thong Sophia jacquard thong
  26. Balcony Range in Ruby Balcony Range in Ruby
  27. Biba Logo Collection Biba Logo Collection
  28. Biba logo thong Biba logo thong
  29. Biba logo short Biba logo short
  30. Biba logo balcony bra Biba logo balcony bra

Showing 1 - 30 of 48

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