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Whistles Casual Shirts

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Taking classic designs and injecting them with a contemporary vibe, these Whistles men’s shirts have an understated appeal along with the brand’s luxury styling. The oversized patterns and textured fabrics of these men’s Whistles shirts are sure to make an impression on your wardrobe.


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  1. Whistles Broken Stripe Shirt Whistles Broken Stripe Shirt
  2. Whistles Herringbone Jersey Shirt Whistles Herringbone Jersey Shirt
  3. Whistles Expanded Check Shirt Whistles Expanded Check Shirt
  4. Whistles Cotton Poplin Shirt Whistles Cotton Poplin Shirt
  5. Whistles Striped Wool Overshirt Whistles Striped Wool Overshirt
  6. Whistles Cotton Twill Shirt Whistles Cotton Twill Shirt
  7. Whistles Stripe Weave Shirt Whistles Stripe Weave Shirt
  8. Whistles Chambray Round Collar Shirt Whistles Chambray Round Collar Shirt
  9. Whistles Basket Weave Check Shirt Whistles Basket Weave Check Shirt
  10. Whistles Utility Denim Shirt Whistles Utility Denim Shirt
  11. Whistles Checked Poplin Shirt Whistles Checked Poplin Shirt
  12. Whistles Heavy Twill Shirt Whistles Heavy Twill Shirt
  13. Whistles Melange Flannel Shirt Whistles Melange Flannel Shirt
  14. Whistles Soft Flannel Shirt Whistles Soft Flannel Shirt

Showing 1 - 14 of 14