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A chair is perfect to get a bit of individual comfort. From contemporary fabric to luxurious leather chairs, our various pieces from Linea, Shabby Chic, Pied a Terre and many more will be ideal cosy seats just for you.


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  1. George tan armchair George tan armchair
  2. Riva Armchair Riva Armchair
  3. George armchair in stoned linen slate George armchair in stoned linen slate
  4. George armchair in stoned linen turquoise George armchair in stoned linen turquoise
  5. George charcoal armchair George charcoal armchair
  6. Abacus chair
  7. Winslow occasional chair Winslow occasional chair
  8. Shaftesbury Chair Shaftesbury Chair
  9. Penshurst Wing Chair Penshurst Wing Chair
  10. Ruskin Standard Chair Ruskin Standard Chair
  11. Norfolk Standard Chair Norfolk Standard Chair
  12. Waldorf Standard Chair Bun Feet
  13. Seattle Swivel Chair
  14. Romana Accent Chair
  15. Alpha Power Recliner Chair
  16. Alpha Manual Recliner Chair
  17. Burton Manual Recliner Chair Burton Manual Recliner Chair
  18. Burton Power Recliner Chair Burton Power Recliner Chair
  19. Cooper Twister Chair Cooper Twister Chair
  20. Provence Standard Chair Provence Standard Chair
  21. Provence Accent Chair Provence Accent Chair
  22. Trafalgar Standard Chair Trafalgar Standard Chair
  23. Trafalgar Horatio Chair Trafalgar Horatio Chair
  24. Connaught Sunday Gents Chair Connaught Sunday Gents Chair
  25. Connaught Opera Chair Connaught Opera Chair
  26. Cedar Wing Chair Cedar Wing Chair
  27. Chloe Armchair
  28. Chloe Recliner Chair
  29. Corvo Standard Chair Corvo Standard Chair
  30. Chloe Power Recliner Chair

Showing 1 - 30 of 57

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