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City Wedding

If the venue is more cosmopolitan than countryside chic, feel free to unleash your inner fashionista. Think sleek separates and structured dresses and you can leave the fascinators at home.

  1. Charlize gilly lace up court shoes Charlize gilly lace up court shoes
  2. Kim Rose Dress Kim Rose Dress
  3. Faux Suede Clutch Bag Faux Suede Clutch Bag
  4. Jo Jo Drape Dress Jo Jo Drape Dress
  5. Dorsie pink floral resin clutch bag Dorsie pink floral resin clutch bag
  6. Mana high heel sandals Mana high heel sandals
  7. Two Tone Flower Disc Two Tone Flower Disc
  8. Rose Trim Bag Rose Trim Bag
  9. Petite Enchanted Blossom Dress Petite Enchanted Blossom Dress
  10. Rilo high heel sandals Rilo high heel sandals
  11. Anabelle artwork dress Anabelle artwork dress
  12. Faye lace bag Faye lace bag
  13. Floral sheath dress Floral sheath dress
  14. Carly high heel sandals Carly high heel sandals
  15. Lillie satin clutch
  16. Stecy heeled sandals Stecy heeled sandals
  17. Matille sequin top Matille sequin top
  18. Palermo trousers Palermo trousers