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Coast Accessories

At Coast we champion the new rules for dressing up; it’s not only about that one off special occasion but in fact for all the events in our lives! We design beautiful looks which compliment individual personality; pieces designed to make us look amazing and feel fantastic.


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  1. Luella faux fur scarf
  2. Floral necklace Floral necklace
  3. Floral bracelet Floral bracelet
  4. Bella bracelet
  5. Kate faux fur cape Kate faux fur cape
  6. Pearl and sparkle necklace Pearl and sparkle necklace
  7. Elouisa faux fur wrap Elouisa faux fur wrap
  8. Lace Insert Scarf
  9. Crescent necklace Crescent necklace
  10. Greyla  necklace Greyla  necklace
  11. Baguette stone necklace Baguette stone necklace
  12. Maggie necklace Maggie necklace
  13. Sparkle chain earring Sparkle chain earring
  14. Bella bracelet
  15. Sparkle collar necklace Sparkle collar necklace
  16. Peach and crystal necklace Peach and crystal necklace
  17. Carrie faux fur tie cape Carrie faux fur tie cape
  18. Bonnie brooch faux fur collar Bonnie brooch faux fur collar
  19. Sparkle chain bracelet Sparkle chain bracelet
  20. Sparkle chain necklace Sparkle chain necklace
  21. Jagger printed scarf
  22. Iridescent flower necklace Iridescent flower necklace
  23. Flo pearl ring
  24. Simple pearl earring Simple pearl earring
  25. Cleo necklace Cleo necklace
  26. Deco necklace Deco necklace
  27. Herme bracelet Herme bracelet
  28. Tallulah tassel earring Tallulah tassel earring
  29. Gatsby earring Gatsby earring
  30. Evelyn bracelet

Showing 1 - 30 of 79

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