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Hallhuber Coats & Jackets

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HALLHUBER offers fashionistas a unique selection of ready-to-wear clothing, as well as accessories, bags and shoes. Aim and motivation are to identify the needs of HALLHUBER customers and to align these with the latest trends in a very stylish way. HALLHUBER is characterised by its urban, feminine style and effortless elegance.


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  1. Hallhuber Business Blazer
  2. Hallhuber Kimono jacket with ethnic print
  3. Hallhuber Crop jacket with ribbon fastener
  4. Hallhuber Distressed denim jacket
  5. Hallhuber Crop coat made of polka dot jacquard
  6. Hallhuber Lace jacket made of cotton
  7. Hallhuber Sheer lace jacket
  8. Hallhuber Peplum blazer
  9. Hallhuber Denim trench coat
  10. Hallhuber Denim overall
  11. Hallhuber Sculptural lace jacket
  12. Hallhuber Indoor coat made of textured weave
  13. Hallhuber Fringed stripe jacket
  14. Hallhuber Textured jacket
  15. Hallhuber Knitted cape
  16. Hallhuber Jacquard jacket with snap buttons
  17. Hallhuber Knitted cape
  18. Hallhuber Sequined Mesh Jacket
  19. Hallhuber Pre-washed denim jacket
  20. Hallhuber Blazer Sofia with 3/4 Length Sleeves
  21. Hallhuber Little lace jacket
  22. Hallhuber Blazer Sofia with 3/4 Length Sleeves
  23. Hallhuber Blazer Sofia with 3/4 Length Sleeves
  24. Hallhuber Leaf print jacket
  25. Hallhuber Blazer with patch pockets
  26. Hallhuber Egg-shaped jacquard coat
  27. Hallhuber Flat woven fabric business blazer
  28. Hallhuber Knit Cape With Fringing

Showing 1 - 28 of 28