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Damsel in a Dress Coats & Jackets

Confident and stylish, Damsel in a Dress is a luxurious yet affordable label showcasing a collection of perfectly cut pieces and fashion-forward designs. Fusing embellished vintage with must-have designs, the Damsel in a Dress collection can easily take the wearer from day to evening.

Damsel in a Dress

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  1. Norse Jacket Norse Jacket
  2. Eyelet jacket Eyelet jacket
  3. Spotlight Jacket Spotlight Jacket
  4. Gradasso Jacket Gradasso Jacket
  5. Arosa Coat Arosa Coat
  6. Renaissance Jacket Renaissance Jacket
  7. Winona Jacket
  8. Stratosphere Jacket
  9. Daxton Jacket Daxton Jacket
  10. Stratosphere Jacket Stratosphere Jacket
  11. Turner Jacket Turner Jacket
  12. Stratosphere Jacket Stratosphere Jacket
  13. Fjord Jacket Fjord Jacket
  14. Ebony Noir Jacket Ebony Noir Jacket
  15. Whisper Jacket Whisper Jacket
  16. Spotlight Short Jacket Spotlight Short Jacket
  17. Whisper Jacket Whisper Jacket
  18. Myriad Jacket Myriad Jacket
  19. Fjord Jacket
  20. Taylor Sleeveless Jacket Taylor Sleeveless Jacket
  21. Arosa Coat Arosa Coat
  22. Taylor Sleeveless Jacket Taylor Sleeveless Jacket
  23. Whisper Jacket Whisper Jacket
  24. Myriad Jacket Myriad Jacket
  25. Sweet Pea Jacket Sweet Pea Jacket

Showing 1 - 25 of 25

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