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Decanters (52)

Whiskey or Wine?

A decanter is a great alternative to serving spirits and wine out of the bottle and at House of Fraser we've worked hard to ensure our range is composed of the most innovative and stylish varieties around. From apothecary style bottles, to coordinating carafe and tumbler sets, whether you’re a modernist or traditionalist you’re guaranteed to find a style you love within our eclectic offer. For something more simple see our range of pitchers.

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  1. Purismo Wine Red wine decanter
  2. Emily wine carafe
  3. Lismore classic square decanter Lismore classic square decanter
  4. Wine Collection Wine carafe 1.5 l
  5. Wine Cellar Wine Carafe Wine Cellar Wine Carafe
  6. Wine carafe 2.4l
  7. Victoria Pantograph Carafe
  8. Whisky renfrew clear decanter 1.1l Whisky renfrew clear decanter 1.1l
  9. Lars clear decanter 0.95l Lars clear decanter 0.95l
  10. Ships decanter Ships decanter
  11. Symphony whisky decanter
  12. Elegance tall decanter with stopper
  13. Ono wine duck carafe 1.2L Ono wine duck carafe 1.2L
  14. Ships clear decanter 500ml Ships clear decanter 500ml
  15. Julia decanter
  16. Wine & Water carafe set on oak tray Wine & Water carafe set on oak tray
  17. Clear wine carafe 440ml Clear wine carafe 440ml
  18. Scotch whisky carafe 0,75l
  19. Olaf Decanter 1.05L Clear Olaf Decanter 1.05L Clear
  20. Scotch whisky carafe 1,0l
  21. Purismo white wine Decanter 0.75l
  22. Lunar giftware wine decanter 750ml
  23. Ono decanter Ono decanter
  24. Wine Collection small water carafe
  25. Olivia Carafe 1.15L Olivia Carafe 1.15L
  26. Lismore Encore Decanter Lismore Encore Decanter
  27. Olivia Decanter 1.1L Olivia Decanter 1.1L
  28. Rebel Plum Decanter Rebel Plum Decanter
  29. Cabernet Decanter
  30. Edge decanter 1.1l rose gold Edge decanter 1.1l rose gold

Showing 1 - 30 of 52

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