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EAST is a distinctive lifestyle brand offering effortless, individual style with an Eastern influence. Designed in London and inspired from the East the collections celebrate globally inspired colour and print, natural fabrics and artisan techniques. East is loved for easy to wear favourites and fabulous, flattering outfit ideas.


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  1. East Silk Tassel Border Scarf
  2. East Monochrome Printed Scarf East Monochrome Printed Scarf
  3. East Catrin Print Scarf
  4. East Slinky Scarf East Slinky Scarf
  5. East Wool Silk Pom Pom Scarf
  6. East Silk Ruched Scarf East Silk Ruched Scarf
  7. East Chunky Knitted Snood
  8. East Hand Embroidered Pompom Scarf
  9. East Ombre Wood Disc Layer Necklace
  10. East Floral Cashmink Scarf East Floral Cashmink Scarf
  11. East Rose Devore Wrap East Rose Devore Wrap
  12. East Layered Resin Necklace East Layered Resin Necklace
  13. East Painted Ceramic Necklace East Painted Ceramic Necklace
  14. East Wool Border Scarf
  15. East Wool Silk Scarf
  16. East Wool Silk Scarf
  17. East Abstract Checked Scarf
  18. East Ella Print Scarf
  19. East Short Painted Shell Necklace
  20. East Floral Printed Scarf
  21. East Nightingale Devore Scarf East Nightingale Devore Scarf
  22. East Chunky Knitted Snood
  23. East Wood Disc Layer Necklace
  24. East Alexandra Wool Scarf East Alexandra Wool Scarf
  25. East Mini Horn Bangle East Mini Horn Bangle
  26. East Woven Beaded Necklace East Woven Beaded Necklace
  27. East Metallic Lurex Scarf East Metallic Lurex Scarf
  28. East Modern Check Scarf
  29. East Jet Bead Bauble Necklace East Jet Bead Bauble Necklace
  30. East Faceted Flower Brooch East Faceted Flower Brooch

Showing 1 - 30 of 128

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