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Every one of us has a uniquely individual figure, with curves and contours of our own. Evans clothing has been designed, cut and fitted to give you on trend clothes that flatter you, all in sizes 14-32.

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  1. Extra Wide Fit Grey Embellished Strap Sandals
  2. Extra Wide Fit Black Sporty Mesh Sandals
  3. Plus Size Ladybird Print Short Pj Set
  4. Plus Size Light Grey Tab Sleeve Cardigan
  5. Extra Wide Fit Grey Marl Low Skater Shoes
  6. Plus Size Ivory snowflake textured top
  7. Plus Size Grey Long Shorts
  8. Plus Size Grey Shorts
  9. Plus Size Grey Poplin Shorts
  10. Plus Size Grey Sleeveless Hooded Cardigan
  11. Plus Size Grey Mesh Longline Cardigan
  12. Plus Size Charcoal Grey Tabard Jumper
  13. Plus Size Grey Textured Stitch Jumper
  14. Plus Size Grey PU Jacket
  15. Plus Size Amour Motif Grey Jumper
  16. Plus Size Soft Touch Floral Top
  17. Grey Mix Fabric Parka Coat
  18. Plus Size Grey lace print parka

Showing 1 - 18 of 18

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