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Every one of us has a uniquely individual figure, with curves and contours of our own. Evans clothing has been designed, cut and fitted to give you on trend clothes that flatter you, all in sizes 14-32.

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  1. Extra Wide Silver Jewel Cork Foot Sandal
  2. Extra Wide Silver Jewel Cork Foot Sandal
  3. Extra Wide Fit Black Peep Toe SlingbackExtras
  4. Extra Wide Fit Gladiator Block Heel Sandals
  5. Extra Wide Fit Black Strappy Kitten Heel
  6. Wide Fit Crochet Square Toe Pump
  7. Extra Wide Fit Grey Embellished Strap Sandals
  8. Wide Fit Nude Strappy Kitten Heel
  9. Extra Wide Fit Black Sporty Mesh Sandals
  10. Extra Wide Fit Black Embellished Strap Sandals
  11. Extra Wide Fit Black Sporty Mesh Sandals
  12. Plus Size Blue Jacquard Prom Dress
  13. Plus Size Blue Printed Tapered Trouser
  14. Plus size khaki tapered trousers
  15. Plus size black crepe kimono jacket
  16. Plus Size Black Spun Tapered Trousers
  17. Plus Size Daisy Printed Crinkle Culottes
  18. Plus Size Anchor Print Playsuit Pyjamas
  19. Plus Size 3 Pack of Briefs
  20. Plus Size Grey Cherry Print Pyjama Set
  21. Plus Size Ladybird Print Short Pj Set
  22. Plus Size Twin pack tshirt bras
  23. Plus Size White Crinkle Wide Leg Trouser
  24. Petite Plus Size Black and White Printed Skirt
  25. Plus Size Pink Flamingo Print PJ Set
  26. Plus Size 3 Pack of Briefs
  27. Plus Size Petite Daisy Print Spun Midi Skirt
  28. Plus size black and white tile culottes
  29. Plus Size Bright Printed Jacket
  30. Plus Size Floral Printed Trousers
  31. Plus Size Slinky Printed Panel Maxi
  32. Extra Wide Fit Blue Patent Ballerina Pumps
  33. Plus size aztec printed jogger
  34. Plus Size Leaf Print Band Hem Top
  35. Plus Size Blue Stripe Short Nightdress
  36. Plus Size Blur Print Maxi Dress
  37. Black lace underwired bra
  38. Plus Size Black straight leg trousers
  39. Plus Size Fiesta Print Cami
  40. Plus Size Printed Cami With Trim Detail
  41. Plus Size Daisy Spot Cotton Maxi Dress
  42. Plus Size Black and White Layer Top
  43. Extra Wide Fit Yellow Patent Ballerina Pumps
  44. Plus Size White Diamond Back Cardigan
  45. Plus Size Jade Hem Detail Cardigan
  46. Plus Size White Poplin Cropped Trousers
  47. Plus Size Orange Drape Crepe Jacket
  48. Plus Size Tuxedo Style Crepe Jacket
  49. Plus Size Satin Front Top
  50. Plus Size Mint Poplin Cropped Trousers
  51. Plus Size Safari Print Maxi Dress
  52. Plus Size Blue Zip Front Crepe Shirt
  53. Plus Size Black Linen Wide Leg Trousers
  54. Plus Size Purple Floral Rain Mac
  55. Extra Wide Fit Blue Floral Print Low Skater Shoes
  56. Plus Size Spot Print Pocket Dress
  57. Plus Size Yellow Diamond Back Shrug
  58. Plus Size Black Diamond Back Cardigan
  59. Plus Size Neutral Poplin Cropped Trouser
  60. Plus Size Coral Slub E2E Cardigan
  61. Plus Size Papaya Pointelle Detail Cardi
  62. Plus Size Lime Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  63. Plus Size Navy Linen Blend Skirt
  64. Plus Size Black Poplin Crop Trousers
  65. Extra Wide Fit Pink Marl Low Skater Shoes
  66. Plus Size Green Workwear Shirt
  67. Plus Size Fiesta Print Maxi Dress
  68. Plus Size Neutral Linen Blend Skirt
  69. Plus Size Fluro Slub E2E Cardigan
  70. Plus Size Printed Jersey Skirt
  71. Extra Wide Fit Black High Block Heel Sandals
  72. Plus Size Tropical Print Lace Hem Dress
  73. Extra Wide Fit White Leather Flower Sandals
  74. Plus size acid washed skinny jeans
  75. Plus Size Black Linen Wide Leg Trousers
  76. Plus Size Navy Linen Blend Shorts
  77. Extra Wide Fit Blue Denim Spot Low Skaters
  78. Plus Size Chambray Crop Jeans
  79. Plus Size Lilac Diamond Back Shrug
  80. Plus Size Waterfall Front Trench Coat
  81. Plus Size Light Grey Tab Sleeve Cardigan
  82. Plus Size Printed Jersey Wide Leg Trousers
  83. Extra Wide Fit Lace up Casual Shoes
  84. Plus Size Orange Double Strap Cami
  85. Extra Wide Fit Blue Marl Lace up Casual Shoes
  86. Plus Size Floral Printed Pleat Midi Skirt
  87. Extra Wide Fit Black Leather Butterfly Sandals
  88. Extra Wide Fit Pewter Leather Butterfly Sandals
  89. Plus Size Lace Insert Crinkle Dress
  90. Plus Size Tile Print Band Hem Top
  91. Plus Size Coral Linen Crops
  92. Plus Size Olive Linen Trousers
  93. Plus Size Navy Linen Trousers
  94. Extra Wide Fit Snake Effect Low Skater Shoes
  95. Plus Size Cold Shoulder Mono Print Top
  96. Plus Size Green Workwear Shirt
  97. Plus Size Khaki Double Strap Cami
  98. Plus Size Black Crepe Shirt
  99. Extra Wide Fit Black Patent Low Cut Heels
  100. Plus Size Safari Floral Column Maxi Dress
  101. Extra Wide Fit Contrast Weave Flatform Sandals
  102. Extra Wide Fit Tan Gem Gladiator Casual Sandals
  103. Extra Wide Fit Black Gem Gladiator Casual Sandals
  104. Plus Size Navy Linen Wide Leg Trouser
  105. Extra Wide Fit Grey Marl Low Skater Shoes
  106. Plus size aztec printed tapered trousers
  107. Plus Size Black and White Crinkle Wide Leg Trouse
  108. Extra Wide Fit White Low Block Heel Sandals
  109. Extra Wide Fit Leather Buckle Footbed Sandals
  110. Extra Wide Fit Gold Laser cut Heel Wedge Shoes
  111. Plus Size Navy Linen Wide Leg Trouser
  112. Plus Size Indigo Skinny Jeans
  113. Plus Size Mint Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  114. Plus Size White Linen Trousers
  115. Plus Size White Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  116. Extra Wide Fit Leather Buckle Footbed Sandals
  117. Ivory Crepe Jacket
  118. Plus Size Pink Floral Lace Yoke Cardigan
  119. Plus Size Orange Peplum Cardigan
  120. Plus Size Layer Top
  121. Plus Size Pink Workwear Shirt
  122. Extra Wide Fit Blue Marl Low Skater Shoes
  123. Plus Size Navy Button Through Cardigan
  124. Plus Size Floral Print Tapered Trousers
  125. Plus Size Black spot swing top
  126. Extra Wide Fit Black Leather Flower Sandal
  127. Extra Wide Fit Black Patent Wedge Heels
  128. Plus Size Longline Side Split Cardigan
  129. Plus Size Floral Printed Pleat Maxi Skirt
  130. Plus Size Daisy Crepe Tapered Trousers
  131. Extra Wide Fit Contrast Weave Flatform Sandals
  132. Extra Wide Fit Floral Print Block heel Sandals
  133. Plus Size Lavender Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  134. Plus Size Black Linen Trousers
  135. Plus Size Black Kimono Cardigan
  136. Plus Size Black Chiffon Trench Jacket
  137. Plus Size Black Crepe Culottes
  138. Plus Size Navy Leisure Joggers
  139. Extra Wide Fit Black Low Block Heel Sandals
  140. Plus Size Black Diamond Back Shrug
  141. Extra Wide Fit Patent Colour Block Sporty Sandals
  142. Plus Size Coral Linen Shorts
  143. Plus Size Grey Long Shorts
  144. Plus Size Grey Shorts
  145. Extra Wide Fit Yellow Canvas Peeptoe Wedge Shoes
  146. Plus Size Black heart print longline shirt
  147. Plus Size Ivory snowflake textured top
  148. Plus size indigo denim cropped jeans
  149. Plus Size Pink Crepe Kimono Jacket
  150. Plus Size Black Panel Maxi Dress
  151. Plus Size Grey Poplin Shorts
  152. Plus Size Pink Slub Cardigan
  153. Extra Wide Fit Ivory H-Bar Jewel Sandals
  154. Extra Wide Fit Tan Brown Low Block Heel Sandals
  155. Extra Wide Fit Silver Loafers
  156. Plus Size Neutral Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  157. Plus Size White Linen Shorts
  158. Plus Size Green Diamond Back Shrug
  159. Extra Wide Fit Lime Yellow Laser Cut Wedge Heels
  160. Plus Size Black Mesh Insert Dress
  161. Extra Wide Fit Black Leather Buckle Sandal
  162. Extra Wide Fit Black Gladiator Sandals
  163. Plus Size Black Mesh Cape Top
  164. Plus Size Daisy Print Maxi Skirt
  165. Orange Graphic Textured Swing Top
  166. Plus Size Aztec Print Maxi Dress
  167. Extra Wide Yellow Basic Toe Post Sandals
  168. Extra Wide Black Patent Cross Over Mules
  169. Plus size midwash denim cropped jeans
  170. Plus Size Button Through Cardigan
  171. Plus Size Aztec Print Bomber Rain Mac
  172. Plus Size Floral Print Overlay Dress
  173. Plus Size Black Kimono Cardigan
  174. Plus Size Black Skinny Jeans
  175. Extra Wide Fit Nude Jewelled Toe Post Sandals
  176. Plus Size Animal print trousers
  177. Extra Wide Fit Black H-Bar Jewel Sandals
  178. Extra Wide Fit Patent Colour Block Sporty Sandals
  179. Extra Wide Coral Basic Toe Post Sandals
  180. Plus size lightwash denim shorts
  181. Plus Size Midwash Jeggings
  182. Plus Size Patchwork Bomber Jacket
  183. Plus Size Monochrome print jacket
  184. Plus Size Indigo Jeggings
  185. Plus Size Blue Slub Edge to Edge Cardigan
  186. Navy Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  187. Plus Size White Short Sleeve Shrug
  188. Plus Size Daffodil Tapered Trousers
  189. Plus Size Daisy Jersey Trousers
  190. Extra Wide Fit White Patent Flower Sandals
  191. Extra Wide Fit Black Patent Flower Sandals
  192. Plus Size Black Linen Blend Crop Trousers
  193. Plus Size Jacquard Textured Jacket
  194. Extra Wide Fit Black Patent Slingback Court Heels
  195. Black ribbed high leg multipack knickers
  196. Plus Size Black Lace Insert Square Top
  197. Plus Size Black Poplin Short
  198. Plus Size Lime Slub Cardigan
  199. Plus Size Dot Print Wide Leg Trousers
  200. Extra Wide Fit Black Suedette Lace up Sandals
  201. Plus Size Black Sheer Cardigan
  202. Extra Wide Fit Pink Weave Ballet Pumps
  203. Plus Size Floral Print Wideleg Trousers
  204. Plus Size Graphic print crepe shirt
  205. Plus Size Black stretch twill trousers
  206. Plus Size Grey Sleeveless Hooded Cardigan
  207. Plus Size Navy Sleeveless Hooded Cardigan
  208. Plus Size Crepe Layer Top
  209. Denim Midwash Shorts
  210. Plus Size Neutral Belt Drape Cardigan
  211. Plus Size Plain Pleated Skirt
  212. Plus Size Black Slub Edge to Edge Cardigan
  213. Plus Size Purple Button Through Cardigan
  214. Plus Size Metallic Weave Parka Coat
  215. Extra Wide Fit Snake Effect Footbed Sandals
  216. Plus Size Black Floral Top
  217. Extra Wide Fit Black Snake Effect Footbed Sandals
  218. Extra Wide Fit Black Lace Up Shoes
  219. Plus Size Spot Print Wideleg Trousers
  220. Plus Size Tile Print Overlay Maxi Dress
  221. Plus Size Black Bootcut Jeans
  222. Plus Size Midwash Bootcut Jeans
  223. Plus Size Turquoise Floral Lace Top
  224. Plus Size Grey Mesh Longline Cardigan
  225. Extra Wide Fit Nude Weave Ballet Pumps
  226. Extra Wide Fit Snake Effect Toe Post Sandals
  227. Plus Size Navy Jersey Tapered Trousers
  228. Plus Size Clover Print Wide Leg Trousers
  229. Plus Size Black Jeggings
  230. Plus Size Mink Cream Parka Jacket
  231. Plus Size Mono Aztec Swing Dress
  232. Extra Wide Fit Black Contrast Cutout Court Heels
  233. Plus Size Jersey Cami
  234. Extra Wide Fit Tan Scallop Peeptoe Pumps
  235. Plus Size Navy Mesh Longline Cardigan
  236. Plus Size Navy Viscose Leggings
  237. Plus Size Black and White Print Trousers
  238. Plus Size Orange Diamond Back Shrug
  239. Plus Size Blue Hem Cardigan
  240. Plus Size Floral Crepe Jacket
  241. Plus Size Pink and Navy Tweed Coat
  242. Plus Size Black Leisure Joggers
  243. Plus Size Geo Print Floral Swing Top
  244. Plus Size Black wideleg trousers
  245. Plus Size Orange Sparkle Top
  246. Plus Size Stretch Twill Trousers
  247. Black Quilted Jacket
  248. Extra Wide Fit Navy Canvas Peeptoe Wedge Shoes
  249. Plus Size Floral Panel Maxi Dress
  250. Extra Wide Fit Coral Suedette Scallop Mesh Pumps
  251. Extra Wide Fit Black Flower Jewel Pumps