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Flawless Foundation

My names Kim Brown and I'm a make up artist today I;m going to talk to you about foundation.

I always think its a really good idea to prep the skin as much as possible. Try using a luminizer with your moisturiser to get an amazing youthful glow to the skin. Then try using a primer to get a really flawless base for your foundation

Step 1

Luminize and Moisturise

Start with a really clean make up free base and then I always get my luminizer and moisturiser and just mix it on the back of the hand with the brush your going to apply it with. Just work it in circles into the skin almost buffing it and then just finish off with broader strokes just to make sure everything is covered.

Step 2


Again start with the primer on the back of your  hand and use a foundation brush to apply this. House of Fraser do some amazing brushes. And then just sort of sweep it over the skin this is to act as a layer over any open pores or little flaws.

Step 3

Foundation Application

So using a foundation brush to apply the base, start working into the jaw line just to make sure you've got the actual shade right and then just work it into the skin. Again don't work to far up into the eye use a concealer under the eye with a slightly different texture. Using a brush really helps aswell so you don’t get any little patches, helps it to really blend and look natural and then make sure you have a really even coverage.

Step 4

Apply Concealer

So with concealer its always good to press it into the skin because your using it directly under the eye any delicate areas you don;t want to drag the skin and don;t use too much because it can really sit in the creases its more just to highlight and just to perfect

Step 5

Finish with Powder

So once you've applied your foundation just finish up with a really light dusting of very sheer powder just down the T zone avoid putting it on the cheeks and on the temples cause that will leave a realy nice dewy texture to the skin.

And thats how to get a lovely flawless foundation!!!!!