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Perfume & Aftershave (19)


Floral or spicy, woody or zesty? No matter what kind of perfume or aftershave you're looking for, there's the perfect one right here...

Perfume & Aftershave Beauty Confidential

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  1. 1 Million Eau de Cologne
  2. Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum 100ml
  3. Pour Homme 100ml Eau de Toilette Refil and Funnel
  4. Tarte Au Citron Eau Gourmande Eau De Toilette
  5. Rouge D`Hermes Eau de Toilette 100ml Rouge D`Hermes Eau de Toilette 100ml
  6. Go! Eau de Toilette 200ml
  7. Candy Florale Eau de Toilette 20ml Kiss Collector
  8. Candy L?Eau Eau de Toilette 20ml Kiss Collector
  9. Candy Eau de Parfum 20ml Kiss Collector
  10. Moschino Stars Eau de Parfum
  11. Gentlemen Only Casual Chic Eau de Toilet
  12. Happy in Bloom Eau de Parfum 30ml
  13. Rocabar Eau de Toilette 100ml
  14. Jour d`Hermès Body Lotion 200ml
  15. Emozione Body Butter 150ml
  16. Wild Eau de Toilette
  17. Eau de Parfum 100ml Refill and Funnel
  18. Eau de Parfum 20ml Travel Spray
  19. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune Eau de Toilette Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune Eau de Toilette

Showing 1 - 19 of 19

About Perfume

House of Fraser offers a wide range of perfumes so you are sure to find the perfect scent for you whatever your preference. Be it floral, fruity, oriental or a spicy fragrance there is something for every taste.

Perfume has a long history of over 4,000 years when the Mesopotamians burnt resins and woods for religious ceremonies. The first modern perfume of scented oils blended in an alcohol solution was made in 1370 at the command of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and was known throughout Europe as Hungary Water

Selecting a fragrance can be an exhausting task with such a wide selection to choose from, so it often helps to first consider the fragrance notes that you like.

Floral & fruity perfumes are widely used and effortlessly feminine. Popular perfume brands that specialise in this type of scent include DKNY Perfume and Vera Wang Perfume.

Fresh & Zesty perfumes are light and easy to wear, the citrus tones create a refreshing and zingy scent, the fragrances are often favoured by both men & women due to their light aroma. Favourite fresh & zesty perfumes include Angel perfume from Thierry Mugler.

Woody & Musky fragrances are earthy and deep, masculine in nature but often softened with spices & florals. Popular scents include Alien perfume.

Spicy & Oriental perfumes contain the most sensual group of scents. They have a distinct, exotic aroma and are renowned for being heady & rich. This group includes Dior Poison Perfume.

Another consideration when choosing a perfume is the concentration, the higher the concentration of aromatic compounds (essential oils) the higher the intensity and longevity of the scent. Perfume or perfume extract is the highest concentration with 20 – 40% aromatic compounds. Eau de Parfum (EDP), the most common and popular form of fragrance, contains around 10 – 20% aromatic compounds, while Eau de toilette contains just 5 – 15%.

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