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From its inception in Hampstead in 1981 Hobbs has become a global brand, offering impeccably hand-crafted garments and Italian-made shoes to elegant women the world over.


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  1. Hobbs Adele Shift Dress Hobbs Adele Shift Dress
  2. Hobbs Adele Shift Dress Hobbs Adele Shift Dress
  3. Hobbs Livia Dress
  4. Hobbs Wendy Dress Hobbs Wendy Dress
  5. Hobbs Rina Lace Dress Hobbs Rina Lace Dress
  6. Hobbs Cybil Dress Hobbs Cybil Dress
  7. Hobbs Lillian Dress Hobbs Lillian Dress
  8. Hobbs Marianne dress Hobbs Marianne dress
  9. Hobbs Cora Dress Hobbs Cora Dress
  10. Hobbs Jade Embriodered Dress Hobbs Jade Embriodered Dress
  11. Hobbs Aberline Dress Hobbs Aberline Dress
  12. Hobbs Iris Dress Hobbs Iris Dress
  13. Hobbs Adaline Dress Hobbs Adaline Dress
  14. Hobbs Catrin Dress Hobbs Catrin Dress
  15. Hobbs Gables Dress Hobbs Gables Dress
  16. Hobbs Twitchill Dress Hobbs Twitchill Dress
  17. Hobbs Della Dress Hobbs Della Dress
  18. Hobbs Celine dress Hobbs Celine dress
  19. Hobbs Saffie Dress Hobbs Saffie Dress
    Now £104.30 Was £149.00
  20. Hobbs Rita Rose Dress Hobbs Rita Rose Dress
  21. Hobbs Tea Rose Dress Hobbs Tea Rose Dress
  22. Hobbs Twitchill Dress Hobbs Twitchill Dress
  23. Hobbs Isidora Dress
  24. Hobbs Ellis Jacquard Dress Hobbs Ellis Jacquard Dress
  25. Hobbs Macey Dress Hobbs Macey Dress
  26. Hobbs Maiya Dress Hobbs Maiya Dress
  27. Hobbs Jessie Dress Hobbs Jessie Dress
  28. Hobbs Eva Dress Hobbs Eva Dress
  29. Hobbs Anemone Dress Hobbs Anemone Dress
  30. Hobbs Jamila Dress Hobbs Jamila Dress

Showing 1 - 30 of 133

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