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Phase Eight Jewellery (90)

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  1. Gemma necklace Gemma necklace
  2. Illusion pearl necklace Illusion pearl necklace
  3. Jilly necklace Jilly necklace
  4. Madelyn pendant necklace Madelyn pendant necklace
  5. Hamilton necklace Hamilton necklace
  6. Diane hinged cuff bracelet
  7. Cleo bangle set
  8. Sandy necklace Sandy necklace
  9. Ruby sparkle cuff
  10. Pearl detail stretch bracelet
  11. Jojo gold cuff bracelet
  12. Ava pendant necklace Ava pendant necklace
  13. Tilly tassle necklace
  14. Crystal bar pendant necklace Crystal bar pendant necklace
  15. Tilly tassle necklace
  16. Avery multi chain necklace Avery multi chain necklace
  17. Dora pendant necklace Dora pendant necklace
  18. Leaf pendant necklace Leaf pendant necklace
  19. Bella necklace Bella necklace
  20. Brooke earrings
  21. Maggie earrings
  22. Bernadete necklace Bernadete necklace
  23. Beaded knot necklace
  24. Debbie necklace Debbie necklace
  25. Amelia circle pendant necklace Amelia circle pendant necklace
  26. Daisy large oval pendant necklace Daisy large oval pendant necklace
  27. Faye headband
  28. Isabella necklace
  29. Dora pendant necklace Dora pendant necklace
  30. Briony cuff
  31. Gina flower cuff
  32. Milly necklace Milly necklace
  33. Julia necklace Julia necklace
  34. Theresa teardrop pendant necklace Theresa teardrop pendant necklace
  35. Molly bead detail necklace Molly bead detail necklace
  36. Rachel crystal necklace
  37. Bonnie necklace Bonnie necklace
  38. Angie pendant necklace Angie pendant necklace
  39. Roberta link bracelet
  40. Roxy tassle pendant Roxy tassle pendant
  41. Delilah pearl and chain necklace Delilah pearl and chain necklace
  42. Macey necklace Macey necklace
  43. Jada silver pendant necklace Jada silver pendant necklace
  44. Juliana detailed necklace Juliana detailed necklace
  45. Andrea bead necklace Andrea bead necklace
  46. Abigail beaded necklace Abigail beaded necklace
  47. Sam sparkle pendant necklace Sam sparkle pendant necklace
  48. Molly bead detail bracelet
  49. Dina teardrop necklace Dina teardrop necklace
  50. Lia bunched leaf necklace Lia bunched leaf necklace
  51. Opie long necklace Opie long necklace
  52. Effie long beaded necklace Effie long beaded necklace
  53. Bo earrings
  54. Francis bracelet
  55. Francis necklace Francis necklace
  56. Mae rings necklace Mae rings necklace
  57. Daisy large oval pendant necklace Daisy large oval pendant necklace
  58. Kaley ball pendant necklace Kaley ball pendant necklace
  59. Leoni pearl necklace Leoni pearl necklace
  60. Leoni pearl necklace Leoni pearl necklace
  61. Tina tribal necklace Tina tribal necklace
  62. Jane necklace Jane necklace
  63. Sally sparkle pearl necklace Sally sparkle pearl necklace
  64. Emmy jewel necklace Emmy jewel necklace
  65. Jenna bracelet
  66. Rose necklace Rose necklace
  67. Davinia circles necklace Davinia circles necklace
  68. Jodi pearl necklace Jodi pearl necklace
  69. Jazmin pearl necklace Jazmin pearl necklace
  70. Felicity necklace Felicity necklace
  71. Sparkle pearl drop earrings
  72. Felicity bracelet
  73. Jet necklace Jet necklace
  74. Bibi necklace Bibi necklace
  75. Sally sparkle pearl bracelet
  76. Emily sparkle bead necklace Emily sparkle bead necklace
  77. Emily sparkle bead necklace Emily sparkle bead necklace
  78. Victoria pendant necklace Victoria pendant necklace
  79. Billy mixed bead necklace Billy mixed bead necklace
  80. Mariah ball necklace Mariah ball necklace
  81. Dora disk necklace Dora disk necklace
  82. Amy necklace Amy necklace
  83. Sparkle long bead necklace
  84. Silver bea collar
  85. Hepworth pendant necklace Hepworth pendant necklace
  86. Disk pendant gold chain
  87. Cluster crystal bead necklace
  88. Ball necklace
  89. Crystal glass pendant necklace
  90. Hamilton necklace

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