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Phase Eight Silver Jewellery (25)

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  1. Gemma necklace Gemma necklace
  2. Diane hinged cuff bracelet
  3. Pearl detail stretch bracelet
  4. Cleo bangle set
  5. Bella necklace Bella necklace
  6. Maggie earrings
  7. Faye headband
  8. Julia necklace Julia necklace
  9. Molly bead detail necklace Molly bead detail necklace
  10. Rachel crystal necklace
  11. Lia bunched leaf necklace Lia bunched leaf necklace
  12. Roberta link bracelet
  13. Roxy tassle pendant Roxy tassle pendant
  14. Delilah pearl and chain necklace Delilah pearl and chain necklace
  15. Jada silver pendant necklace Jada silver pendant necklace
  16. Sam sparkle pendant necklace Sam sparkle pendant necklace
  17. Molly bead detail bracelet
  18. Daisy large oval pendant necklace Daisy large oval pendant necklace
  19. Davinia circles necklace Davinia circles necklace
  20. Felicity necklace Felicity necklace
  21. Felicity bracelet
  22. Victoria pendant necklace Victoria pendant necklace
  23. Mariah ball necklace Mariah ball necklace
  24. Amy necklace Amy necklace
  25. Hepworth pendant necklace Hepworth pendant necklace

Showing 1 - 25 of 25

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