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Kaliko Women

Feminine style for all occasions from Kaliko. Kaliko designs contemporary clothing in feminine prints to suit every occasion in the social calendar, in sizes 8 – 20

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  1. Textured Ponte Skater Dress Textured Ponte Skater Dress
  2. Floral Burnout Prom Dress Floral Burnout Prom Dress
  3. Lace Dress Lace Dress
  4. Bow Pocket Pique Jacket Bow Pocket Pique Jacket
  5. Bardot Jumper Bardot Jumper
  6. Smart Jeans Smart Jeans
  7. Mono Floral Maxi Dress Mono Floral Maxi Dress
  8. Mono Floral Dress Mono Floral Dress
  9. Contrast Lining Lace Skater Dress Contrast Lining Lace Skater Dress
  10. Flippy Ponte Belted Skirt Flippy Ponte Belted Skirt
  11. Bardot Knitted Top Bardot Knitted Top
  12. Lace Top Lace Top
  13. Floral Burnout Prom Dress Floral Burnout Prom Dress
  14. Peplum Lace Dress Peplum Lace Dress
  15. Colour Block Lace Dress Colour Block Lace Dress
  16. Black Belted Dress Black Belted Dress
  17. Contrast Lining Lace Top Contrast Lining Lace Top
  18. Pleat Waist Trouser Pleat Waist Trouser
  19. Cropped Trousers Cropped Trousers
  20. Peplum Jacket Peplum Jacket
  21. Side Tie Top Side Tie Top
  22. Flippy Lace Belted Skirt Flippy Lace Belted Skirt
  23. Pearl Trim Dress Pearl Trim Dress
  24. Colour Block Maxi Colour Block Maxi
  25. Organza Floral Dress Organza Floral Dress
  26. Black Swirl Tape Dress Black Swirl Tape Dress
  27. Spot Lace Dress Spot Lace Dress
  28. Black Pleated Skirt  Black Pleated Skirt 
    Now £39.00 Was £79.00
  29. Blurred Floral Maxi Skirt Blurred Floral Maxi Skirt

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