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Stove Top & Electric Kettles

There’s nothing that can’t be solved with a good cup of tea, and our kettles have everything you need to boil the perfect brew. From electric kettles for express results, to stove top whistling kettles for nostalgic charm. Loose leaf or bag, Earl Grey or English Breakfast, our kettles will have you turning out the perfect cuppa every time.

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  1. Delonghi Scultura Kettle White KBZ3001.W Delonghi Scultura Kettle White KBZ3001.W
  2. Scultura Kettle Champagne Scultura Kettle Champagne
    Now £94.99 Was £109.99
  3. Distinta 1.7L Kettle Pearl White
  4. Mini Jug Kettle Black/Polished
  5. Dualit Canvas Architect kettle 72923
  6. Stainless Steel Illuminated Jug Kettle
  7. Distinta 1.7L Kettle Elegance Black
  8. Smart Kettle
  9. Variable temperature tea maker BTM800UK
  10. Delonghi Scultura Kettle Black Delonghi Scultura Kettle Black
  11. Vintage Icona Cream Kettle KBOV3001.BG Vintage Icona Cream Kettle KBOV3001.BG
  12. Black traditional kettle with fixed whistle
  13. Vintage Icona Blue Kettle Vintage Icona Blue Kettle
  14. Distinta 1.7L Kettle Future Bronze
  15. iKettle 2.0 iKettle 2.0
  16. Elipta White Kettle 43951
  17. KitchenAid 1.7L Kettle Black
  18.  1.5 lt Grey Architect kettle 72926
  19. 2.1L Traditional Kettle Volcanic
  20. KitchenAid 1.7L Kettle Red
  21. Vintage icona green kettle Vintage icona green kettle
  22. Compact kettle Pure BKE395UK
  23. Hot Water Dispenser
  24. 2.1L Traditional Kettle Almond
  25. Classic Kettle Copper
  26. 2.1L Traditional Kettle Cerise
  27. Brillante Black Kettle KBJ3001.B Brillante Black Kettle KBJ3001.B

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