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Bobbi Brown Lipstick

Rich and moisturising, these Bobbi Brown lipsticks instantly add polish to any pout. The popular semi-matte range has a special formula that promises all-day shine and coverage (great for those days when you’re always on the go). Moisturise your lips with Bobbi Brown’s creamy smooth lipstick line, complete with shea butter and skin conditioners (also available with a hint of shimmer). Team with Bobbi Brown’s metallic

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  1. Creamy Lip Color
  2. Creamy Matte Lip Color
  3. Lip Colour
  4. Rich Lip Colour
  5. Luxe Lip Color
  6. Lip Colour
  7. Sheer Lip Color Lipstick
  8. Sheer Lip Color
  9. Creamy Matte Lip Color
  10. Sheer Lip Color Limited Edition

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