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Givenchy Lipstick

Whether you're looking for a high-gloss colour or a matte finish, our collection of Givenchy lipstick has a fantastic range of formulas and hues, from sophisticated red to striking purple and pink shades. For a night out on the town, why not opt for a daring neon pink? Or choose one of our classic red lipsticks for instant elegance at any occasion. Complete your look by matching your lip colour perfectly to a Givenchy lip pencil to enhance the intensity and colour of your lipstick.

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  1. No.13 Rose desirable Exclusive to House of Fraser
    Rouge Interdit Vinyl
  2. Le Rouge Lipstick
  3. Le Rouge A Porter
  4. Rouge Interdit
  5. Rouge Interdit Lipstick
  6. Rouge Interdit Shine
  7. Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick

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