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Marcy Eclipse pu1000 lat pulldown & low pulley home gym

Product code:  235949574

Product Description

The Marcy Eclipse PU1000 is both a high and low pulley system that boasts a huge range of exercises, the high pulley features a lat bar attachment (which can be removed) for popular exercises like lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns and seated ab crunches. The seat below can be used to secure you firmly into place thanks to it`s adjustable height and also adjustable foam rollers to place your legs under, this lets you lift more weight without lifting off the seat.The lower pulley system comes with a straight bar attachment (also removable) which is perfect for seated rows, bicep curls, upright rows and bent over rows, a foot rest at the bottom is designed to prevent you slipping forward during seated rows which once again permits you to lift a little extra. The PU1000 has a total weight load capacity of 80kg (176lbs) which should be more than substantial for the types of exercises that you use this machine for, this pulley system would grace any home gym and opens up exercises that free weights just can`t provide.
  • Multi Gyms
  • Height  208 cm
  • Length  145 cm
  • Width  108 cm

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