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Marcy Eclipse rs3000 olympic half smith machine

Product code:  236144541

Product Description

The Marcy Eclipse RS3000 is a blend of your conventional weight bench and also the press arm of a smith machine, the benefit of using a smith machine for the press arm is primarily down to safety. Smith machines provide an unparalled level of safety in relation to free weights, the press arm moves vertically along two guide rods which can be locked into place at any time along the bar catcher holes running up the uprights. As a back up safety catchers can be aligned with your chest in case the bar drops and they will halt the press bar in it`s tracks preventing it sliding down any further, this gives you the freedom to train on your own at home without a spotter and to lift heavier without safety concern.The RS3000 still covers the whole host of conventional weight bench attributes like the adjustable back rest support pad for incline, decline, flat and upright angles and it even comes with an arm curl pad and leg developer for some additional exercise options. The rack can comfortably hold up to 135kg weight with a 21 stone user on thanks to the heavy gauge 14 steel tubular frame that creates the foundations for this fantastic hybrid home gym.
  • Utility Benches
  • Height  175 cm
  • Length  175 cm
  • Width  180 cm

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