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Mary Portas Accessories

The third part of my cocktail: Decorate. This is where you go to town and add your personal touch with your favourite jewellery and accessories.

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  1. Bedouin print scarf Bedouin print scarf
  2. Red glitter heart necklace Red glitter heart necklace
  3. Happy flower daisy necklace Happy flower daisy necklace
  4. Red glitter heart brooch Red glitter heart brooch
  5. Gold midas necklace Gold midas necklace
  6. Elephant leopard print scarf Elephant leopard print scarf
  7. Texture solid scarf Texture solid scarf
  8. Moro print check scarf Moro print check scarf
  9. Leopard print silk scarf Leopard print silk scarf

Showing 1 - 9 of 9

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