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Hi my name is Kim Brown and I’m a makeup artist. Today I'm going to talk to you about how to get the perfect pink lip.

It's all about skin tone with this look. Think about alabaster more porcelain skin tones really work with bluey pinks, and purples. Warmer skin tones look great with a more orangey shade.

Step 1

Prep the Lips

Before we start just make sure that the lips are really moisturised. If there’s any rough patches it’s a good tip just to rub them off a little bit with a damp towel.

Just go into the lips a little bit with foundation, this prevents any colour from bleeding outside of the lips and helps it to stay on as well.

Step 2

Apply Lip Liner

The next step is applying lip liner. Again this really helps to prevent the lipstick bleeding into the skin, and it also really helps to keep it on for the whole day.

Step 3

Colour Application By Brush

I always use a brush for this is just really help to get it into the lips.

Another good way of making a lipstick really stay on is just to blot it with a tissue and re-apply. For a matted finish as well you can always put a tissue very gently over the top of the lip colour and use a soft brush to powder through it.

And that’s how to get a really great hot pink lip.