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Batela Ornaments

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Designed specifically for the customer who loves nautical products with a 'Sea Style', we are delighted to bring these to you. Our gift ranges for men are made from real wood, highly polished, with genuine solid brass parts, and they just exude quality. Our housewares are designed to give just that touch of Sea Style, and are of great quality too.


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  1. Batela Globe with Compass Stand.
  2. Batela Brass Nutcrackers
  3. Batela Captain Bottle Opener
  4. Batela Armillary Sphere Batela Armillary Sphere
  5. Batela Magnifying Glass On foldable Arm Batela Magnifying Glass On foldable Arm
  6. Batela Brass Bell
  7. Batela Noughts And Crosses With Wooden Box
  8. Batela Navigation Compass in a Glass & Wood
  9. Batela Money Box
  10. Batela Bookend With Noray
  11. Batela Rainbow Model Yacht
  12. Batela Bookend With Globe
  13. Batela Map Reader
  14. Batela Small Hourglass Batela Small Hourglass
  15. Batela Perpetual Calendar With Wooden Base
  16. Batela Ashtray Box
  17. Batela America III Model Boat
  18. Batela Coat Rack, painted oar design
  19. Batela Coat Rack, painted oar design
  20. Batela Coat Rack, painted oar design
  21. Batela Dolphin With Base
  22. Batela Rose Of The Winds Clock
  23. Batela Endeavour Model Yacht
  24. Batela Sperm Whale Clock
  25. Batela Compass With Wooden Base
  26. Batela Sperm Whale With Base
  27. Batela Sea Dog Ornament
  28. Batela Paper Knife Kit
  29. Batela Diving Helmet
  30. Batela Coral Plate Ornament

Showing 1 - 30 of 73

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