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Pamper Time

Pamper Time


Few of us have the time to travel to a spa let alone spend time in one. But what if you could combine a quick beauty overhaul with your shopping, or squeeze a facial into your lunch hour? Well, you can. Clarins' Skin Spas are tranquil havens dedicated to your me-time in our stores nationwide - indulge yourself in multiple pampering experiences from facials (followed by the back-to-work make-up service) to relaxing massages.

House of Fraser Clarins Spa Locations

  1. Aromatic Balancer Treatment
  2. Tri Active Facial Treatment
  3. Gentle Skin Smoother Treatment
  4. Choice of Body Treatment
  5. Signature Massage Treatment
  6. One to One Make up Treatment
  7. Make up To Go Treatment
  8. Face & Eyes Refresher Treatment
  9. Mother-to-be and New Mother Treatment