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  1. Jamocha Dress Jamocha Dress
  2. Nicoletta Tunic Nicoletta Tunic
  3. Ayton Pullover Ayton Pullover
  4. Paloma Cardigan Paloma Cardigan
  5. Tate Knit Jacket Tate Knit Jacket
  6. Deco Print Top Deco Print Top
  7. Nicoletta Tunic Nicoletta Tunic
  8. Dexter Trouser Dexter Trouser
  9. Mirror Dress Mirror Dress
  10. Savetta Pullover Savetta Pullover
  11. Sphere legging Sphere legging
  12. Rumble in the jungle vest Rumble in the jungle vest
  13. Noa Tunic Noa Tunic
  14. Sylvie tunic Sylvie tunic
  15. Wide fit polka dot wellington
  16. Sentiment top Sentiment top
  17. Decorous body top Decorous body top
  18. Safari 2 For 1 Tee Safari 2 For 1 Tee
  19. Cienega Tunic Cienega Tunic
  20. Savetta Pullover Savetta Pullover
  21. Add It Up Tee Add It Up Tee
  22. Print Lace Short Crop Cardigan Print Lace Short Crop Cardigan
  23. Elizabetta Top Elizabetta Top
  24. Yardley 2 Fer Top Yardley 2 Fer Top
  25. Paloma Cardigan Paloma Cardigan
  26. Lace Panel Tunic
  27. Ordered chaos top Ordered chaos top
  28. Super neutral t-shirt Super neutral t-shirt
  29. Obtuse vest Obtuse vest
  30. About kore top About kore top

Showing 1 - 30 of 69

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Plus Size – Fashion to Fit Your Style

House of Fraser’s plus size range offers a fashionable, flattering and fabulous selection of clothing up to a size 28. Specially designed to fit your style and your curves, our stylish range includes plus size dresses, plus size jeans and plus size tops. From show-stopping occasionwear to everyday staples, whatever the occasion, our plus size range caters for all.

With collections from leading plus size brands including Little Mistress Curvy, Taking Shape, Ann Scholz, Marina Rinaldi and many more, you are sure to find a style you love.

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