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Pots & Pans

Something missing from your cookware collection? Whether it’s high quality induction cookware or a new casserole dish, find it in our extensive collection of pots and saucepans. With everything from cast iron griddle pans to stainless steel pan sets from top brands like Le Creuset and Tefal, you’re sure to find your perfect cooking companion.

Pots & Pans
  1. Saucepan Ranges

    Saucepan Ranges

    Cook like a professional with our saucepan ranges
  2. Saucepans


    Make everyday meals special with our collection of saucepans
  3. Saucepan Sets

    Saucepan Sets

    Discover our extensive collection of saucepan sets that will last you for generations
  4. Cast Iron Cookware Ranges

    Cast Iron Cookware Ranges

    Browse through our selection of colourful cast iron cookware from Linea to Le Creuset
  5. Ovenware Ranges

    Ovenware Ranges

    From the oven to the table, discover our ranges of colourful ceramic & stoneware dishes
  6. Casseroles & Stock Pots

    Casseroles & Stock Pots

    Choose from legendary cast iron to solid stoneware and innovative cast aluminium
  7. Frying Pans & Skillets

    Frying Pans & Skillets

    Shop our range of non stick coating frying pans and skillets
  8. Woks


    Cook a delicious stir fry with our range of woks
  9. Grillpans


    Recreate that delicious flavour of sizzled meat with our selection of grillpans
  10. Chef & Saute Pans

    Chef & Saute Pans

    Cook like a pro with our range of chef & sauté pans from brands including Raymond Blanc & Jamie Oliver
  11. Steamers


    Prepare delicious and healthy meals with our range of steamers
  12. Pressure Cookers

    Pressure Cookers

    Cook meat and vegetables efficiently with our selection of pressure cookers
  13. Speciality Saucepans

    Speciality Saucepans

    Make perfect omelettes or fry delicious pancakes with our range of speciality saucepans
  14. Milk Pans

    Milk Pans

    Discover our range of milk pans & heat your milk perfectly
  15. Roasting Pans

    Roasting Pans

    Cook a perfect roast with our selection of roasting pans
  16. Dishes


    Whatever meal you’re preparing, we have a beautiful dish to serve from
  17. Ramekins


    Stock up on our range of resistant and colourful ramekins
  18. Microwave Cooking

    Microwave Cooking

    Microwave your food and store your leftovers