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Precis Petite Dresses

Perfect style, perfect fit from Precis Petite. Precis Petite creates feminine, couture-inspired pieces that are perfectly proportioned to flatter the modern petite woman, in sizes 6 – 18.

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  1. Crinkle Shift Dress Crinkle Shift Dress
  2. Occasion Wear Navy Dress Occasion Wear Navy Dress
  3. Floral Print Satin Dress Floral Print Satin Dress
  4. Squares Jersey Dress Squares Jersey Dress
  5. Angular Floral Jersey Dress Angular Floral Jersey Dress
  6. Lace Overlay Shift Dresss Lace Overlay Shift Dresss
  7. Crinkle Shift Dress Crinkle Shift Dress
  8. Embellished Neck Maxi Dress Embellished Neck Maxi Dress
  9. Ponte dress with belt Ponte dress with belt
  10. Placement Print Jersey Dress Placement Print Jersey Dress
  11. Floral Cotton Sateen Dress Floral Cotton Sateen Dress
  12. Print jersey dress Print jersey dress
  13. Ponte Shift Dress Ponte Shift Dress
  14. Spot Print Jersey Dress Spot Print Jersey Dress
  15. Venezia Floral Print Dress Venezia Floral Print Dress
  16. Print Layered Leaf Dress Print Layered Leaf Dress
  17. Red lace dress
  18. Tonalspot Print Jersey Dress Tonalspot Print Jersey Dress
  19. Floral Print Jersey Dress Floral Print Jersey Dress
  20. Blue Violet Floral Dress Blue Violet Floral Dress
  21. Floral print jersey dress Floral print jersey dress
  22. Textured ponte dress Textured ponte dress
  23. Floral print dress Floral print dress
  24. Stone Lace Dress Stone Lace Dress
  25. Berry Shimmer Dress  Berry Shimmer Dress 
  26. Navy Embellished Maxi Gown 
  27. Cobalt Rose Print Dress  Cobalt Rose Print Dress 
  28. Black Embellished Maxi Gown  Black Embellished Maxi Gown 
  29. Purple Floral Dress Purple Floral Dress
  30. Ikat Animal Print Dress  Ikat Animal Print Dress 

Showing 1 - 30 of 35

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