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Sandwich is fashion to be worn in the everyday. Like the everyday, it has surprise and beauty layered within. We create everyday fashion with a twist. The result is always comfortable and thoroughly feminine.


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  1. Herringbone blazer
  2. Cotton jacket
  3. Crepe feather printed top Crepe feather printed top
  4. Feather print top Feather print top
  5. Painted stripe T-shirt Painted stripe T-shirt
  6. Alpaca tweed cardigan
  7. Sleeveless printed dress Sleeveless printed dress
  8. Nylon stretch jacket Nylon stretch jacket
  9. Flower print jersey T-shirt Flower print jersey T-shirt
  10. Long Cotton cardigan
  11. Twill blouse Twill blouse
  12. Ombre jumper Ombre jumper
  13. Contrast panel T-shirt Contrast panel T-shirt
  14. Jacquard coat Jacquard coat
  15. Cotton rib jumper Cotton rib jumper
  16. Dark sapphire ombre cardigan Dark sapphire ombre cardigan
  17. Ombre cardigan Ombre cardigan
  18. Winter crochet dress
  19. Winter crochet dress Winter crochet dress
  20. Faux suede jacket Faux suede jacket
  21. Cotton stretch skinny jeans
  22. Jersey dress Jersey dress
  23. Wool blend cardigan Wool blend cardigan
  24. Comfort fit trouser Comfort fit trouser
  25. Long stripe jacket Long stripe jacket
  26. Winter crochet jacket Winter crochet jacket
  27. Feather print dress Feather print dress
  28. T-shirt with stud shoulder detail T-shirt with stud shoulder detail
  29. Skinny trouser
  30. Metal foil detail jeans

Showing 1 - 30 of 142

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