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Sandwich is fashion to be worn in the everyday. Like the everyday, it has surprise and beauty layered within. We create everyday fashion with a twist. The result is always comfortable and thoroughly feminine.


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  1. Long Cotton cardigan
  2. Alpaca tweed cardigan
  3. Wool blend cardigan Wool blend cardigan
  4. Oversized printed cardigan Oversized printed cardigan
  5. Dark sapphire ombre cardigan Dark sapphire ombre cardigan
  6. Ombre cardigan Ombre cardigan
  7. Ombre cardigan Ombre cardigan
  8. Snuggle cardigan Snuggle cardigan
  9. Vintage look cotton cardigan Vintage look cotton cardigan
  10. Furry knit cardigan Furry knit cardigan
  11. Marled cotton jersey cardigan
  12. Honey comb cardigan Honey comb cardigan
  13. Long Cotton cardigan
  14. Cotton long cardigan Cotton long cardigan
  15. Boucle cardigan
  16. Rib knit long cardigan Rib knit long cardigan
  17. Bubble wool cardigan Bubble wool cardigan
  18. Long Cotton cardigan Long Cotton cardigan
  19. Boucle cardigan Boucle cardigan
  20. Cotton cardigan Cotton cardigan
  21. Stripe cardigan Stripe cardigan
  22. Long cotton cardigan Long cotton cardigan
  23. Long cotton cardigan Long cotton cardigan
  24. Snake print cardigan Snake print cardigan
  25. Marble effect cardigan Marble effect cardigan

Showing 1 - 25 of 25

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