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Lavand Skirts

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International, colourful and unique. Lavand is a Spanish fashion brand made for charismatic women who make something unique and special out of each day. We create beautiful garments that make you day-dream and enjoy each moment, exuding optimism and possibilities


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  1. Lavand Print Skirt Lavand Print Skirt
  2. Lavand Faux Suede Patchwork Skirt Lavand Faux Suede Patchwork Skirt
  3. Lavand Textured A-line Skirt Lavand Textured A-line Skirt
  4. Lavand Knitted Skater Skirt Lavand Knitted Skater Skirt
  5. Lavand Faux Suede Skirt Lavand Faux Suede Skirt
  6. Lavand A-Line Jacquard Skirt Lavand A-Line Jacquard Skirt
  7. Lavand Striped A-Line Skirt Lavand Striped A-Line Skirt
  8. Lavand Cotton Striped Skirt
  9. Lavand Bonded Mesh Skirt

Showing 1 - 9 of 9