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Villeroy & Boch Dining (898)

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  1. Buy one get one free on La Divina glassware range
    La Divina glassware range
  2. Maxima Glassware Range
  3. Octavie glassware range
  4. Maxima champagne flute 265mm
  5. Boston diamond cut glassware range
  6. Entree glassware range
  7. Victor cutlery range
  8. Buy one get one free on La Divina glassware range
    La Divina beer goblet
  9. Maxima decanter 230mm 1.00l
  10. Buy one get one free on La Divina glassware range
    La Divina red wine goblet
  11. Entree tumbler 3 14.3cm
  12. Artesano hot beverage cups and teapot
  13. Octavie old-fashioned tumbler Octavie old-fashioned tumbler
  14. Octavie water goblet, 21cm
  15. Oscar cutlery range
  16. Artesano dinnerware range
  17. Caffe Club dining range
  18. Boston individual bowl 11.4cm
  19. Switch diningware range
  20. Octavie red wine goblet, 20cm
  21. Buy one get one free on La Divina glassware range
    La Divina whisky tumbler
  22. Buy one get one free on La Divina glassware range
    La Divina Water/Bordeaux goblet
  23. Ardmore club old fashioned highball - set of 2 Ardmore club old fashioned highball - set of 2
  24. Buy one get one free on La Divina glassware range
    La Divina champagne flute
  25. Scotch whisky dinnerware glass range
  26. Victor after dinner tea spoon 14.3cm
  27. Mariefleur Gris dinnerware range
  28. Nwc flamingo mug 0.35l gb
  29. Entree tumbler 1 10cm
  30. Oscar soup and cream spoon
  31. Ardmore club tumbler glass range
  32. Art.prov.verd. salad bowl 28cm
  33. Mariefleur Basic Saucer Breakfast Cup 19cm
  34. Scotch whisky carafe 1,0l
  35. Boston highball/beer tumbler
  36. Caffe club dinnerware in uni caramel
  37. Octavie highball tumbler, 15cm Octavie highball tumbler, 15cm
  38. Nwc k.fisher mug 0.35l gb
  39. S+ rose cutlery set 5pcs
  40. Caffe Club Floral Peppermint Mug 0.35l
  41. Nwc bee-eater mug 0.35l gb
  42. Maxima burgundy wine goblet, 23cm
  43. Nwc conure mug 0.35l gb
  44. White lace diner plate White lace diner plate
  45. Nwc conure mug 0.35l
  46. Spring awakening flat plate 27cm
  47. New wave caffe coffee range
  48. Maxima white wine goblet, 24cm
  49. For me mug 0.37l
  50. S plus lila cutlery set 24 pieces
  51. White Lace dining range
  52. Caf.club fiori saucer espresso cup 12cm
  53. Boston water/Wine tumbler, 14cm
  54. Mariefleur dinner range Mariefleur dinner range
  55. Maxima Decorated Clear Glassware Range
  56. Caffe club uni caramel mug 0,35l
  57. Caffe Club Uni Peppermint Mug 0,35l
  58. New wave reloaded range New wave reloaded range
  59. Mariefleur basic mug
  60. Rose cottage green tea cup 0.37l
  61. Rose cottage pink tea cup 0.37l
  62. Rose cottage egg cup with egg spoon
  63. Rose cottage green tea cup & saucer 2piece set
  64. Rose cottage pink tea cup & saucer 2 piece set
  65. Rose cottage salad plate 22cm
  66. Little gallery mugs sunset mug 0.25l
  67. Little gallery mugs sunrise mug 0.25l
  68. Little gallery mugs blue blossom mug 0.25l
  69. Little gallery mugs imperio rose mug 0.25l
  70. Little gallery mugs victoria mug 0.25l
  71. Little gallery mugs violetta mug 0.25l
  72. Floreana blue saucer coffee cup 14cm
  73. Floreana red saucer coffee cup 14cm
  74. Rose cottage bowl 0.75l
  75. Rose cottage sandwich plate 35x16cm
  76. For me saucer breakfast cup
  77. Mariefleur gifts rectangular bowl
  78. Mariefleur gifts square bowl
  79. Mariefleur gifts mini bowl
  80. Petite fleur gifts square bowl
  81. Petite fleur gifts mini bowl
  82. Design naif gifts chocolate dish
  83. Design naif gifts bowl with handles
  84. Design naif gifts mini bowl
  85. Design naif gifts rectangular bowl
  86. Design naif gifts square bowl
  87. Mariefleur gris gifts chocolate dish
  88. Mariefleur gris gifts mini bowl
  89. Mariefleur gris gifts square bowl
  90. Amazonia gifts decorative large plate
  91. Amazonia gifts decorative plate
  92. Amazonia gifts rectangular bowl 25x10cm
  93. Anmut flower gifts decorative large plate
  94. Anmut flower gifts decorative plate
  95. Anmut flower gifts rectangular bowl 25x10cm
  96. Anmut flower gifts square bowl
  97. La classica contura   cake plate 34cm
  98. La classica contura   bowl flat 28cm
  99. Mariefleur gifts bowl with handles
  100. Petite fleur gifts bowl with handles
  101. Petite fleur gifts bowl rectangular
  102. Mariefleur gris gifts bowl with handles
  103. Mariefleur gris gifts rectangular bowl
  104. Amazonia gifts square bowl
  105. Floreana red espresso cup 0.10l
  106. For me saucer coffee cup 14cm
  107. Caffe club saucer for coffee cup, 14cm
  108. Floreana blue tea cup 0.23l
  109. Floreana blue coffee cup 0.23l
  110. Floreana blue espresso cup 0.10l
  111. Floreana blue saucer espresso cup 12cm
  112. Floreana blue flat plate 27cm
  113. Floreana blue salad plate 23cm
  114. Floreana blue deep plate 25cm
  115. Floreana blue mug 0.37l
  116. Floreana green tea cup 0.23l
  117. Floreana green coffee cup 0.23l
  118. Floreana green espresso cup 0.10l
  119. Floreana green saucer espresso cup 12cm
  120. Floreana green french bowl 0.75l
  121. Floreana green flat plate 27cm
  122. Floreana green salad plate 23cm
  123. Floreana green deep plate 25cm
  124. Floreana green mug 0.37l
  125. Floreana red tea cup 0.23l
  126. Floreana red coffee cup 0.23l
  127. Floreana red flat plate 27cm
  128. Floreana red salad plate 23cm
  129. Floreana red mug 0.37l
  130. Floreana red french bowl 0.75l
  131. Charleston white wine goblet
  132. Floreana blue buffet plate 32cm
  133. Floreana green buffet plate 32cm
  134. Floreana red buffet plate 32cm
  135. Charleston tall glass
  136. For me salad plate 23cm
  137. Floreana red deep plate 25cm
  138. Charleston champagne flute
  139. Charleston water goblet
  140. Charleston water glass
  141. For me breakfast cup 0.45l
  142. For me tea cup 0.23l
  143. For me coffee cup 0.23l
  144. For me espresso cup 0.10l
  145. For me saucer espresso cup 12cm
  146. For me flat plate 27cm
  147. For me bread & butter plate 16cm
  148. For me deep plate 25cm
  149. For me salad dish 19cm
  150. For me dip bowl 6cm
  151. For me coffee set 4 pers.
  152. For me french bowl 0.75l
  153. For me buffet plate 32cm
  154. Charleston red wine goblet
  155. For me salad bowl 38cm
  156. Caffe club dinnerware in uni steam
  157. Grand royal red wine goblet
  158. For me starter-set 4 pers.
  159. Dressed up water glass quad smoke
  160. For me espresso set 2 pers.
  161. For me coffee mugs 2 pcs.
  162. For me dinner-set 4 pers.
  163. For me breakfast-set 2 pers.
  164. S+ lila cutlery set 5pcs
  165. S+ kiwi cutlery set 5pcs
  166. S+ chili cutlery set 5pcs
  167. S+ petrol cutlery set 5pcs
  168. S+ sun cutlery set 5pcs
  169. S+ taupe cutlery set 5pcs
  170. S+ blueberry cutlery set 5pcs
  171. Grand royal white wine goblet
  172. Grand royal champagne flute
  173. Grand royal water goblet
  174. Grand royal water glass
  175. Grand royal tall glass
  176. Dressed up water glass dots rose
  177. Nwc conure mug 0.25l
  178. For me coffeepot 6pers 1.20l
  179. For me teapot 6 pers. 1.30l
  180. For me sugar/jampot 6pers 0.30l
  181. For me snack-set 2 pcs.
  182. Dressed up water glass square amber
  183. Caf.club fiori white coffee cup 0.39l
  184. Caf.club fiori saucer wh.coffee cup 17cm
  185. Caf.club fiori coffee cup 0.22l
  186. Caf.club fiori saucer coffee cup 14cm
  187. Caf.club fiori espresso cup 0.10l
  188. Caf.club fiori coffee plate 21cm
  189. Caf.club fiori mug small 0.20l
  190. Caf.club fiori mug 0.35l
  191. Nwc flamingo white coffee cup 0.40l
  192. Nwc k.fisher white coffee cup 0.40l
  193. Nwc bee-eater white coffee cup 0.40l
  194. Nwc conure white coffee cup 0.40l
  195. Nwc bee-eater espresso cup 0.08l
  196. Nwc bee-eater mug 0.25l
  197. Nwc bee-eater mug 0.35l
  198. Nwc flamingo mug 0.25l
  199. Nwc flamingo mug 0.35l
  200. Nwc conure espresso cup 0.08l

Showing 1 - 200 of 898

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