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Tommy Hilfiger Coats & Jackets

Embrace casual glamour and channel east-coast-cool with Tommy Hilfiger’s Womenswear collection, from timeless, preppy women’s dresses and knitwear to seasonal, transitional coats and jackets. Shop our Tommy Hilfiger Womenswear’s collection and discover a piece of traditional Americana with a modern twist – the must-have addition for every wardrobe and every season.

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  1. Vondra blazer Vondra blazer
  2. Isha Blazer Isha Blazer
  3. Isha Blazer Isha Blazer
  4. Lulu Long Bomber Jacket Lulu Long Bomber Jacket
  5. Hera Bomber Jacket Hera Bomber Jacket
  6. Tanya Jacket
  7. Mulia biker jacket
  8. Kadice Wrap Coat Kadice Wrap Coat
  9. Elsa Bomber Jacket Elsa Bomber Jacket
  10. Irma Jacket Irma Jacket
  11. Heritage Trench Coat Heritage Trench Coat
  12. Kate Jacket
  13. Ola Blazer
  14. Manous hd short parka Manous hd short parka
  15. Ilo Jacket Ilo Jacket
  16. New Heritage short trench coat New Heritage short trench coat
  17. Heritage Trench Coat Heritage Trench Coat
  18. Casandra Jacket Casandra Jacket
  19. Maisley bomber jacket Maisley bomber jacket
  20. Elexis Baseball Jacket Elexis Baseball Jacket
  21. Muriel indoor jacket Muriel indoor jacket
  22. Heritage Trench Coat Heritage Trench Coat
  23. Raeka Shawl Coatigan Raeka Shawl Coatigan
  24. Okalani Blazer
  25. Ina camouflage print jacket Ina camouflage print jacket
  26. Zalia Jacket
  27. Ina hooded jacket Ina hooded jacket
  28. Maria Coat
  29. Mia Jacket
  30. Zellen Down Jacket

Showing 1 - 30 of 37

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