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Toys for 1 Year Olds

Our toys for one year olds are specially designed to appeal to babies who are just learning how to play. Bright colours and soft shapes make them extra appealing, while interactive features encourage them to learn about the world around them. Choose cuddly toys or plastic games to keep your baby really engaged and amused. Our toys for two year boys are perfect for when they're a little more mobile and steady on their feet. Check out our range of stuffed animals for adorable soft toys that your child will enjoy now and cherish forever.
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  1. Hamleys Bear-in-a-box Hamleys Bear-in-a-box
  2. Luvley at Hamleys Funky Colours Make-Up
  3. Hamleys Hammer Ball Games
  4. Bloomy at Hamleys Hammer Tap Game
  5. Hamleys Arnie bear
  6. Hamleys Meerkat
  7. Hamleys Pontefract bear
  8. Hamleys Delivery Lorry
  9. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Foam Games
  10. Hamleys Movers & Shakers Weasel Ball
  11. Bloomy at Hamleys Pull Along Snail
  12. Hamleys Water Whale Assortment
  13. Hamleys First Train & Carriage
  14. Hamleys Learn & play gift set Hamleys Learn & play gift set
  15. Baby Elegance Spiral Cot Toy
  16. Hamleys 12 Coloured Pencils Hamleys 12 Coloured Pencils
  17. Hamleys Gorilla Soft Toy
  18. Absorba Soft toy
  19. Hamleys Wooden shoes
  20. Hamleys Warthog
  21. Hamleys Music Set
  22. Hamleys Kimble Bear
  23. Hamleys Fondant Bear
  24. Hamleys Movers & Shakers Old Macdonald Duck
  25. Hamleys Stegosaurus
  26. Hamleys Standing Amethyst Bear
  27. Hamleys Standing Emerald Bear
  28. Hamleys Iggy Iguana Soft Toy Hamleys Iggy Iguana Soft Toy
  29. Hamleys Flora Bear
  30. Hamleys Soft Taxi
  31. Hamleys I love hamleys bear
  32. Hamleys Skipping Rope Assortment
  33. Hamleys Wooden Vehicles Puzzle
  34. Hamleys I love london bear
  35. Hamleys Safari Music Puzzle Hamleys Safari Music Puzzle
  36. Hamleys Scottish Terrier Soft Toy
  37. Hamleys Soft Plane
  38. Hamleys Camel soft toy
  39. Hamleys Playballs
  40. Hamleys Scotsman Teddy Bear 18cm
  41. Hamleys Mini Bubble Sword
  42. Hamleys Quirky Polar Bear Soft Toy
  43. Hamleys Large Bear-In-A-Bag
  44. Hamleys Mini Bubble Wand
  45. Hamleys Ostrich
  46. Hamleys 3D Tri Colour Markers
  47. Hamleys Lennox Lemur Soft Toy
  48. Hamleys Big Book Of Colouring
  49. Hamleys Tyrannosaurus Rex Soft Toy Hamleys Tyrannosaurus Rex Soft Toy
  50. Hamleys Pull Along Mum & Baby Owl
  51. Hamleys Hamleys Vanilla Bear Hamleys Hamleys Vanilla Bear
  52. Hamleys Chestnut Bear
  53. Luvley at Hamleys Wintertastic Tutu
  54. Hamleys Elephant & Bird rattle set
  55. Hamleys Oatmeal Bear
  56. Hamleys Oakley Bear
  57. Hamleys Pepper Blue Parrot Soft Toy
  58. Hamleys Pull Along bead maze Hamleys Pull Along bead maze
  59. Hamleys 18cm guardsman bear
  60. Hamleys Elephant Shape Sorter Hamleys Elephant Shape Sorter
  61. Hamleys My First Fishing Game
  62. Hamleys Lying Horse Soft Toy
  63. Calinou at Hamleys Baby Sleeping Bag
  64. Hamleys Wooden Teaching Clock
  65. Hamleys Leopold Leopard Soft Toy Hamleys Leopold Leopard Soft Toy
  66. Hamleys Reginald Rhino Soft Toy Hamleys Reginald Rhino Soft Toy
  67. Luvley at Hamleys Pink Fairy Wings
  68. Luvley at Hamleys Hot Pink Fairy Wings
  69. Hamleys Car transporter Hamleys Car transporter
  70. Luvley at Hamleys Princess Edition Tutu
  71. Hamleys Marzipan Bear
  72. Hamleys Princess Bear
  73. Hamleys Biscuit Bear
  74. Hamleys Bathtime Light Up Blue Octopus Pal
  75. Hamleys 18cm policeman bear
  76. Hamleys Cow
  77. Hamleys London Bus With Passengers
  78. Hamleys Crumbs Bear
  79. John World at Hamleys Grand Farm John World at Hamleys Grand Farm
  80. Hamleys Kangaroo
  81. Hamleys Otter
  82. Hamleys Westie soft toy
  83. Calinou at Hamleys Travel Cot
    Now £32.00 Was £35.00
  84. Bloomy at Hamleys Farmyard Animals
  85. Hamleys Hamleys Small Giraffe Beanie
  86. Hamleys Koala
  87. Hamleys Deer
    Now £10.00 Was £12.00
  88. Hamleys Giraffe
  89. Hamleys Refilling Easel Paper
  90. Hamleys Orangutan
  91. Hamleys White tiger
  92. Hamleys Corps battle zone command Hamleys Corps battle zone command
  93. Absorba Soft toy Mr Martin
  94. Hamleys Hamleys Grizzly Bear Beanie
  95. Hamleys Pecan Bear
  96. Hamleys Mocha Bear
  97. Bloomy at Hamleys Activity Cube
  98. Hamleys Fun Bath Shower
  99. Hamleys Marmalade bear
  100. Calinou at Hamleys Doctor Set
  101. Hamleys Animal & countryside dough set
  102. Hamleys Cheetah
  103. Hamleys Hippo
  104. Hamleys Pawson bear
  105. Hamleys Colouring activity box Hamleys Colouring activity box
  106. Hamleys Arts & crafts super set Hamleys Arts & crafts super set
  107. Hamleys Premium Blocks
  108. Absorba Soft toy Mr Martin
  109. Absorba Soft toy
  110. Absorba Soft toy Mr Martin
  111. Absorba Soft toy
  112. Hamleys Poppy Red Parrot Soft Toy
  113. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Multi Activities Bag
  114. Calinou at Hamleys Ballerina
  115. Hamleys The wheelie buddies
  116. Hamleys Xylophone
  117. Absorba Soft toy Mr Martin
  118. Absorba Soft toy music box
  119. Absorba Soft toy
  120. Hamleys Hamleys Climbing Primates White/Brown
  121. Hamleys Horse soft toy
  122. Hamleys 18cm beefeater bear
  123. Hamleys 30cm tartan westie soft toy
  124. Hamleys Large bedtime daisie ragdoll
  125. Luvley at Hamleys Nesting Carry Cases
  126. Hamleys Hamleys Mini Cow
  127. Hamleys Bulldog soft toy
  128. Hamleys Little lion chime wiggle ball Hamleys Little lion chime wiggle ball
  129. Tim & Lou at Hamleys Dining Basket
    Buy 3 for 2 on Tim & Lou at Hamleys
  130. Hamleys Abacus Rack
  131. Hamleys Hamleys Small Lion Beanie
  132. Hamleys Triceratops
  133. Hamleys Hamleys Climbing Primates Black
  134. Hamleys Hamleys Climbing Primates Brown
  135. Hamleys Peacock
  136. Hamleys Hamleys Water Piracy Bath Toy
  137. Hamleys Hamleys Bath Time Mermaid
  138. Hamleys 30cm union jack bulldog soft toy
  139. Hamleys Wooden Shape Puzzle
  140. Baby Elegance Building Blocks
  141. Hamleys Hamleys Small Owl Beanie
  142. Hamleys Hamleys Small Elephant Beanie
  143. Baby Elegance Crocodile

Showing 1 - 143 of 143