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Toys For 3-Year-Olds

Let your child get swept away on a magical adventure with our selection of toys for 3-year-olds. We have a plentiful offering from a huge variety of well-loved brands including Hamleys, Play Doh and Disney Frozen. Whether they prefer dolls, toy cars or action figures, your little one will be entertained for hours on end with any one of these toys. After a hard day's work of conjuring up magic lands, they'll definitely need some cosy kids’ pyjamas to snooze in.
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  1. Hamleys Pudgey pig
    Now £18.00 Was £20.00
  2. Hamleys Hamleys Large Golden Labrador Soft Toy
  3. Hamleys Cookie bear Hamleys Cookie bear
  4. Hamleys Squiddy
  5. Hamleys 4 in a row
  6. Hamleys Hamleys Pink Cooking Case
  7. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Set Of 3 Balls
  8. Hamleys Hamleys Horse Puppet
  9. Hamleys Golden Labrador Hand Puppet
  10. Hamleys Deluxe fishing game Hamleys Deluxe fishing game
  11. Hamleys Hamleys Spinning Top
  12. Hamleys Hamleys Harp Seal
  13. Hamleys Runaround hamster
  14. Red 5 Q2 Turbo Racer Remote Control Car Red 5 Q2 Turbo Racer Remote Control Car
  15. Hamleys Hamleys Pirate Bear Hamleys Hamleys Pirate Bear
  16. Hamleys Colour stacker pens
  17. Hamleys Hamleys Bubbling Animals
  18. Hamleys Hamleys Cow Hand Puppet
  19. Hamleys Hamleys Lamb Hand Puppet
  20. Hamleys Pink infinite bubbles
  21. Hamleys Hector Land Turtle Soft Toy
  22. Hamleys Hamleys Wooden Letter O
  23. Hamleys Hamleys Grizzly Bear Rucksack
  24. Hamleys Hamleys Wooden Letter M
  25. Hamleys Stationary Starter Set
  26. Hamleys Hamleys Wooden Letter G
  27. Hamleys Hamleys I Love London Teddy Bear
  28. Hamleys Hamleys Mini Vehicles Bag
  29. Hamleys Hamleys Wooden Letter N
  30. Red 5 Table Top Football Red 5 Table Top Football
  31. Hamleys Tube Train
  32. Hamleys Movers & Shakers Grey Kitten
  33. Hamleys Movers & Shakers Santa & Elves
  34. John World at Hamleys Light & Sound Garbage Truck
  35. Hamleys Hamleys Clumsy Giraffe Rucksack
  36. Hamleys Hamleys Grey and White Cat
  37. Hamleys Hamleys Mini Soldiers Bag
  38. Hamleys Quirky Raspberry Bear
  39. Hamleys Hamleys Swimming Frog
  40. Hamleys Finlay Flamingo Soft Toy Hamleys Finlay Flamingo Soft Toy
  41. Hamleys Bubble Mower
  42. Hamleys Hamleys Wooden Letter I
  43. Hamleys Quirky Lime Bear
  44. Hamleys Hamleys  Kitchen Utensils Rack
  45. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Blue Balance Bike
  46. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Pink Balance Bike
  47. Hamleys Hamleys Mini Farm Animals Bag
  48. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Beach Rackets
  49. Hamleys London black taxi
  50. Hamleys Maple bear
  51. Hamleys Hamleys Sitting Gold Cat Soft Toy
  52. Hamleys Hamleys rota-plane
  53. John World at Hamleys Light & Sound Ambulance & Helicopter Ass
  54. Hamleys Cashew Bear
  55. Hamleys Bon Bon Bear
  56. Hamleys Hamleys Lamb
  57. Hamleys Quirky Blueberry Bear
  58. Hamleys Hamleys rota-copter
  59. Hamleys Mini ragdoll rosie Hamleys Mini ragdoll rosie
  60. Hamleys Police car
  61. Hamleys Hammy the hammerhead
  62. Hamleys Hamleys fish
  63. Hamleys Hamleys Large Lion Beanie
  64. Calinou at Hamleys Pushchair & Crib
  65. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Multisports Set
  66. Hamleys Speed boat bath toy
  67. Hamleys Hamleys zelda zebra
  68. Hamleys Rockin` rabbit
  69. Hamleys Hamleys Pippa and Percy Penguin
  70. Hamleys Hamleys Pam Penguin
  71. Hamleys Large cool expanding sphere
  72. Hamleys Hamleys ella elephant
  73. Hamleys Hamleys Bubble Truck
  74. Hamleys Hamleys Sitting Black Cat Soft Toy
  75. Hamleys Hamleys art starter set
  76. Hamleys Hamleys Bunny
  77. Hamleys Hamleys Jolly Elephant Rucksack
  78. Hamleys Sitting White Cat Soft Toy
  79. Hamleys Hamleys limited edition silver taxi
  80. Hamleys Rosie ragdoll Hamleys Rosie ragdoll
  81. Hamleys Fire vehicle set
  82. Hamleys Hamleys leonardo lion

Showing 1 - 82 of 82