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Toys For 5-Year-Olds

Entertain your little ones for hours on end with our selection of toys for 5-year-olds. Our extensive range includes well-loved toy brands such as Lego and Hamleys. Whether they’ve been begging you for building blocks, action figures or garden toys, we’ve got you covered. Let your child enjoy playtime on their own, or join in and spend a nostalgic afternoon or two getting lost in their fantasy worlds. After a busy day of conjuring up magic lands, they'll definitely need some soft kids’ pyjamas to snooze in.
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  1. Luvley at Hamleys Rucksack Luvley at Hamleys Rucksack
  2. Luvley at Hamleys #NAME? Luvley at Hamleys #NAME?
  3. Luvley at Hamleys Nailtastic Pro Stamp
  4. Leapfrog LeapReader System Pink Leapfrog LeapReader System Pink
  5. Luvley at Hamleys Ballet Tutu
  6. Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar
  7. So Cook at Hamleys Mini Tarts Workshop
  8. Luvley at Hamleys Candy Tutu
  9. Hamleys Dippy divers bath toys
  10. Moov'ngo at Hamleys Pistol & 6 Darts
  11. So Cook at Hamleys Edible Alphabet Set
  12. Hamleys Concorde Hamleys Concorde
  13. So Cook at Hamleys Cupcake Party Set
  14. Luvley at Hamleys Monster Tutu
  15. So Cook at Hamleys Mini Pop Cakes Workshop
  16. Luvley at Hamleys Pink Party Tutu
  17. Luvley at Hamleys Funky Nailtastic
  18. Luvley at Hamleys Princess Frothy Tutu
  19. So Cook at Hamleys Teddy Bear Set
  20. So Cook at Hamleys 20 Piece Cooking Set
  21. So Cook at Hamleys Patisserie Workshop
  22. So Cook at Hamleys Mini Cupcake Set
  23. Hamleys Animal Train with Car
  24. Hamleys poster paint pen set Hamleys poster paint pen set
  25. Hamleys Travel chess & checkers
  26. Hamleys Wooden Tip Tower Hamleys Wooden Tip Tower

Showing 61 - 86 of 86

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