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Founded in London in 1923 Wallis is a truly British brand. Today Wallis provides distinctively designed clothing with a modern contemporary look. Gorgeous event dress or chic work blouse, Wallis will have the perfect item for you.


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  1. Petite Printed Mono Joggers Petite Printed Mono Joggers
  2. Cigarette Trousers Cigarette Trousers
  3. Black Piped Cigarette Trouser Black Piped Cigarette Trouser
  4. Petite Tile Print Trouser Petite Tile Print Trouser
  5. Cream Jacquard Trouser Cream Jacquard Trouser
  6. Orange Floral Trousers Orange Floral Trousers
  7. Black Jacquard Trouser Black Jacquard Trouser
  8. Stone Casual Jogger Stone Casual Jogger
  9. Blue Tile Mosaic Trouser Blue Tile Mosaic Trouser
  10. Petite Stone Cotton Trouser Petite Stone Cotton Trouser
  11. Black Belted Trouser Black Belted Trouser
  12. Khaki Casual Jogger Khaki Casual Jogger
  13. Petite Navy Cotton Trouser Petite Navy Cotton Trouser
  14. Tile Print Cigarette Trousers Tile Print Cigarette Trousers
  15. Black Tropical Palm Trouser Black Tropical Palm Trouser
  16. Black Casual Jogger Black Casual Jogger
  17. Stone Belted Cigarette Trouser Stone Belted Cigarette Trouser
  18. Petite Black Cotton Trouser Petite Black Cotton Trouser
  19. Stone Double Zip Skinny Trousers Stone Double Zip Skinny Trousers
  20. White Roll Up Trousers White Roll Up Trousers
  21. Stone Luxe Strech Capri Trousers Stone Luxe Strech Capri Trousers
  22. Black Belted Cigarette Trouser Black Belted Cigarette Trouser
  23. Petite Taupe Jacquard Trousers Petite Taupe Jacquard Trousers
  24. Khaki Luxe Stretch Capri Trousers Khaki Luxe Stretch Capri Trousers
  25. Black Luxe Strech Capri Trousers Black Luxe Strech Capri Trousers
  26. Taupe Floral Textured Trouser Taupe Floral Textured Trouser
  27. Pink Floral Textured Trouser Pink Floral Textured Trouser
  28. Petite Exotic Safari Trouser Petite Exotic Safari Trouser
  29. Black Cotton Luxe Trouser Black Cotton Luxe Trouser
  30. Black Henna Jogger Black Henna Jogger

Showing 1 - 30 of 31

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