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Yankee Candle

We have a range of Yankee Candles to complement a romantic dinner, light up a cosy evening in, and everything in between. From sweet florals to tangy citruses to delicious holiday scents, get your favourite scented candles online.

Yankee Candle

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  1. Black cherry room fragrance
  2. Cranberry Pear Large Jar
  3. Tarte Tatin Medium Jar
  4. Large black cherry housewarmer candle
  5. Moroccan Oil Scented Candle Range
  6. Reed diffusers black cherry signature range
  7. Red Raspberry Small Jar
  8. Classic small jar moroccan argan oil candle
  9. Red Raspberry Tea Lights
  10. Cranberry Pear Medium Jar
  11. Medium black cherry housewarmer candle Medium black cherry housewarmer candle
  12. Tarte Tatin Small Jar
  13. Sweet Apple Small Jar
  14. Tarte Tatin Large Jar
  15. Red Raspberry Medium Jar
  16. Sweet Apple large jar
  17. Sweet Apple Medium Jar
  18. Classic large jar moroccan argan oil candle
  19. Classic medium jar moroccan argan oil candle
  20. Fresh Cut Roses Decor Reeds
  21. Small black cherry housewarmer candle
  22. Reed diffusers True Rose signature range
  23. Medium mandarin cranberry housewarmer candle
  24. Large mandarin cranberry housewarmer candle
  25. Small mandarin cranberry housewarmer candle

Showing 1 - 25 of 25

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