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Charms & Beads (1,222)

Add a stylish charm to your jewellery collection and discover our range of beads and charms. Delicate and unique, charms and beads are the perfect gift to commemorate those unforgettable moments and mark special occasions. Shop our range of House of Fraser charms and beads to start your own collection of special moments.

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  1. Limited edition pudsey bear charm
  2. Curious cat charm
  3. Jolly father christmas charm Jolly father christmas charm
  4. Devoted dog charm
  5. Family home silver charm
  6. My Special Sister Pendant Charm My Special Sister Pendant Charm
  7. Artists palette cubic zirconia silver dangle
  8. Red enamel Father Christmas silver charm Red enamel Father Christmas silver charm
  9. Love & Guidance Pendant Charm
  10. Fancy purple cubic zirconia pave silver charm
  11. LOVE silver charm with pink cubic zirconia
  12. Letter to father christmas charm Letter to father christmas charm
  13. Music trinity silver dangle red enamel
  14. Pink pavé stars charm
  15. Red cubic zirconia pave silver charm
  16. Heart pave silver clip CZ
  17. 14ct gold Christmas sleigh silver charm 14ct gold Christmas sleigh silver charm
  18. Paws prints silver charm
  19. Daisy silver spacer with white enamel
  20. Precious girl charm
  21. Travel together forever charm Travel together forever charm
  22. Sparling snake charm
  23. Primrose silver charm cubic zirconia
  24. Sparkling palm tree charm
  25. Bride & Groom Charm
  26. Karma beads bead obsidian, matt
  27. Dog bowl charm
  28. Engraved Heart Charm Engraved Heart Charm
  29. Champagne glasses silver dangle charm
  30. Pandora bag silver charm
  31. Pavé Charm Spacer
  32. Tie The Knot Heart Charm
  33. Charm club heart pendant
  34. Sparkling present charm Sparkling present charm
  35. Charm club ballet shoe pendant
  36. Number one silver dangle with cubic zirconia
  37. Essence libra silver charm Essence libra silver charm
  38. Blue petite facets charm
  39. Love silver dangle cubic zirconia
  40. Evil eye charm  saphire & blue topaz
  41. Dove of Peace Pendant Charm
  42. Rose Gold Vermeil Disc Pendant Charm
  43. Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold Cupcake Charm
  44. Heart pave pink cubic zirconia silver charm
  45. Happy snowman charm
  46. Folklore murano charm
  47. Guardian angel charm
  48. Daisy pave silver charm with cz
  49. 30 cubic zirconia silver dangle charm
  50. Birthday Heart Charm Birthday Heart Charm
  51. Christmas elves openwork charm Christmas elves openwork charm
  52. Happiness silver charm Happiness silver charm
  53. Sparkling forest flower spacer
  54. Heart cubic zirconia silver dangle charm
  55. Faith, Hope and Love Trinity Pendant Charm
  56. Dog Charm
  57. Midnight blue moon pendant charm
  58. Shimmering rose openwork pendant
  59. Padlock pave silver charm CZ
  60. Sterling silver tea cup & saucer charm
  61. Midnight blue pavé stars charm
  62. Club 2015 silver diamond charm Club 2015 silver diamond charm
  63. Playful dolphin charm
  64. Karma beads faith, love, hope bead
  65. I love my pet charm I love my pet charm
  66. Charm club 30 pendant
  67. Christmas bauble pendant charm
  68. Confidence silver charm Confidence silver charm
  69. Openwork heart silver charm CZ
  70. Openwork butterfly silver dangle charm
  71. Mini Heart Garnet Charm
  72. Charm club 50 pendant
  73. Cathedral rose charm
  74. Charm Club Globe
  75. Loyalty silver charm Loyalty silver charm
  76. Clover silver charm dark green cz
  77. Abstract purple cubic zirconia silver spacer
  78. Letter E silver dangle with cubic zirconia
  79. Spain heart flag charm Spain heart flag charm
  80. Tropicana openwork charm
  81. Courage silver charm Courage silver charm
  82. Charm club compass pendant
  83. Baby girl pink cubic zirconia silver charm
  84. Charm club sandal pendant
  85. Charm club my little girl pendant
  86. Precious boy charm
  87. Abstract faceted silver charm murano
  88. Strength silver charm Strength silver charm
  89. Butterfly silver dangle cubic zirconia
  90. Charm club hand of fatima pendant
  91. Karma beads bead obsidian, faceted
  92. Owl silver charm swiss blue crystal cz
  93. Ballet slipper silver dangle cz
  94. Charm club seahorse pendant
  95. Unicorn pendant charm
  96. Day Bead 2015
  97. Peace silver charm Peace silver charm
  98. Mini Heart Emerald Charm
  99. Night sky openwork charm
  100. I love pets charm
  101. Paw print charm
  102. Essence capricorn silver charm Essence capricorn silver charm
  103. Karma bead Accessory chain
  104. Charm club charm silver carrier
  105. Great britain heart flag silver dangle Great britain heart flag silver dangle
  106. Abstract micro pave silver charm cz
  107. Chefs hat silver charm Chefs hat silver charm
  108. Lucky in love charm
  109. Abstract silver charm pink Murano
  110. Charm Club Letter L
  111. Heart silver charm
  112. Dodo bead Dodo bead
  113. Karma Bead small skull
  114. Shooting Star Charm
  115. Abstract silver charm light pink enamel
  116. K Charm
  117. Ice cream pendant
  118. Karma Bead Karma Bead
  119. Cat bowl charm
  120. Penguin Family Charm Penguin Family Charm
  121. Pink Cherry Blossom Murano Charm
  122. Heart silver dangle
  123. Karma Bead green aventurine
  124. Camera charm Camera charm
  125. G Charm
  126. Shimmering rose clip
  127. Dolphin sapphire charm
  128. Dog Chinese Zodiac Charm
  129. Spooky bats lock
  130. Sleeping bat Sleeping bat
  131. 18 Charm
  132. Pave silver charm charm
  133. Chinese New Year Dragon
  134. Horse Chinese Zodiac Charm
  135. Abstract silver spacer fancy purple cz
  136. Karma bead Accessory stopper
  137. Globe clip Globe clip
  138. Abstract pave silver charm CZ
  139. Bee Charm
  140. Ladybird pave silver charm fancy red cz
  141. Pave pink and purple cubic zirconia silver charm
  142. X Charm
  143. Passion silver charm Passion silver charm
  144. Pavé wishing star charm
  145. Three Little Words Heart Fan Charm Three Little Words Heart Fan Charm
  146. Karma beads bead rose quartz
  147. Hearts Safety Chain - 6cm
  148. Daisies white enamel silver clip
  149. Primrose silver charm cz white enamel
  150. Ballerina Pendant Charm
  151. Positivity silver charm Positivity silver charm
  152. Fleur de Lis Openwork Charm
  153. Karma beads bead white jade
  154. Yellow Gold Vermeil Disc Pendant Charm
  155. Appreciation essence collection charm cz
  156. Caring essence collection charm red cz
  157. Friendship essence collection charm
  158. Peace essence collection charm blue
  159. Faith essence collection charm purple cz
  160. Openwork primrose silver charm
  161. Mum silver spacer with cubic zirconia
  162. Karma bead Accessory stopper SML
  163. Sea turtle charm
  164. Essence taurus silver charm Essence taurus silver charm
  165. Essence scorpio silver charm Essence scorpio silver charm
  166. Charm club i love you pendant
  167. Loving aunt cubic zirconia silver dangle charm
  168. Truly madly deeply charm
  169. Treble Clef Charm
  170. Affection essence collection charm
  171. Daisy silver clip with white enamel
  172. Abstract faceted silver charm pink cz
  173. Karma Bead red aventurine
  174. Dice cubic zirconia silver charm
  175. Symbol of hope charm
  176. Karma beads large freshwater pearl bead
  177. Karma beads amethyst bead
  178. Karma beads heliotrope bead
  179. Karma beads dumortierite bead
  180. Karma beads red bamboo coral bead
  181. Karma beads grey mother of pearl bead
  182. Mini Horseshoe and Heart Charm
  183. Golden Pavé Ball Charm
  184. Openwork Enamel Flower Charm
  185. Cage Heart Charm
  186. Karma beads white agate bead
  187. Karma beads yellow aventurine bead
  188. Silver heart present pink CZ charm Silver heart present pink CZ charm
  189. Decorative cubic zirconia silver charm
  190. Love essence collection charm rose gold
  191. Hope essence collection charm gold
  192. Prosperity essence collection charm grn
  193. Abstract faceted silver charm purple cz
  194. Karma bead Accessory carrier
  195. Guardian of travel charm
  196. Gold vermeil strawberry macaron charm Gold vermeil strawberry macaron charm
  197. Gold vermeil pistachio macaron charm Gold vermeil pistachio macaron charm
  198. Gold vermeil lavender macaron charm Gold vermeil lavender macaron charm
  199. Charm club sea horse pendant
  200. Charm club engagement ring pendant
  201. Charm club hashtag pendant
  202. Charm club april pendant
  203. Charm club may pendant
  204. Green petite facets charm
  205. Charm club leaf pendant
  206. Karma beads smoky quartz bead
  207. Karma beads lotus white bead
  208. Karma Bead nepal
  209. Star silver dangle with cubic zirconia
  210. Red fizzle murano charm
  211. Golden Faceted Murano Charm
  212. Mini Heart White Sapphire Charm
  213. Shining star charm
  214. Yummy Mummy Charm Yummy Mummy Charm
  215. Karma beads hot pink bamboo coral bead
  216. Karma beads amber bead
  217. 18ct rose gold heart charm
  218. 2015 Chinese New Year Charm
  219. Sparkling Openwork Heart Charm
  220. Daylight bead Daylight bead
  221. Abstract pink cubic zirconia silver spacer
  222. Gold vermeil lemon macaron charm Gold vermeil lemon macaron charm
  223. Gold vermeil blueberry macaron charm Gold vermeil blueberry macaron charm
  224. Silver & gold vermeil tea pot charm
  225. Charm club fish pendant
  226. Charm club infinity pendant
  227. Charm club march birthstone pendant
  228. Dark green pavé inspiration charm
  229. Charm club hearts pendant
  230. Charm club eternity pendant
  231. Karma beads studs bead
  232. Karma beads lotus black bead
  233. Karma beads white pave heart bead
  234. Karma beads heart bead
  235. Karma beads silver charm carrier
  236. Dog bone cubic zirconia silver dangle charm
  237. Buttercup Charm
  238. Copper Bead Copper Bead
  239. London gentleman London gentleman
  240. 18ct gold & diamond anchor of hope charm
  241. Loving Mother Charm
  242. Primrose pave charm pink purple cz
  243. Karma bead Accessory stopper
  244. Letter J silver dangle with cubic zirconia
  245. Charm club starfish pendant
  246. Charm club mermaid pendant
  247. Charm club treasure chest pendant
  248. Charm club conch pendant
  249. Charm club sneaker pendant
  250. Charm club happy pendant
  251. Charm club pendant pendant
  252. Charm club tooth fairy pendant
  253. Charm club sneaker pendant
  254. Charm club horse pendant
  255. Charm club luck pendant
  256. Charm club love letter pendant
  257. Charm club @ pendant
  258. Charm club best teacher pendant
  259. Charm club favourite teacher pendant
  260. Japan heart flag charm Japan heart flag charm
  261. Charm Club Letter E
  262. Curiosity silver charm Curiosity silver charm
  263. Belief silver charm Belief silver charm
  264. Optimism silver charm Optimism silver charm
  265. Essence pisces silver charm Essence pisces silver charm
  266. Charm club star pendant
  267. Charm club gingerbread man pendant
  268. Charm club hearts pendant
  269. charm club pumps pendant
  270. Charm club key pendant
  271. Charm club heart pendant