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Black and White Assorted Frames House of Fraser

UP YOUR FRAME GAME Put your memories on show

Forget diamonds. Your most precious memories are stored in your phone and under your bed in dusty boxes. Invest the time and bring your photos to life along sideboards and mantles. Here’s how to create a personal framescape that layers contemporary and classic styles.



 Wedding Instagram Photos in Peg Frame


Next time you scroll thought your Instagram feed,
re-living everyday highlights, upload your favourites
and have the prints delivered to you in a few days.
Choose three snaps—perhaps the same person in
different places, a favourite haunt on different days,
or moments from one special day—and display them in
a glass frame. www.photobox.co.uk will turn snaps into a small book while 'Polargram' places them
on glossy square cards and packages them
up in a retro-brown box.



Translate your travel memories into a patchwork of
moments that you see every day. When you scan your
holiday albums, select a variety of photos including a
few candid snaps of people, plus scenery, cocktails
and food. The trick is to print them in a slightly
larger format than you need, which allows you to
crop them as you mount them into a collection of
5-10 frames. Get prints on the spot at Snappy Snaps
stores www.snappysnaps.co.uk or download an app
(like the www.sticky9.com one) to order prints from your phone.

Gallery Wall of Framed Facebook Images
Three Passport Strips in Silver Transparent Frame


The legal document might be all tight-lipped
seriousness (no smiling!) but in a cocktail bar or at
big-number birthday parties, photo booths allow you
to capture fun moments with your favourite people.
One strip looks good but a few look better. Place
them vertically in a glass frame to create an amusing
collection of candid snaps. Most large shopping
centres and train stations have a booth (check out
www.photo-me.co.uk for locations) or hire one for your own bash (try www.snaptcha.co.uk).



Time to sift through those dusty shoeboxes and
childhood photo albums for a piece of your very own
modern history. Display washed-out holiday snaps
and grainy sepia portraits on old, tattered paper in
ornate frames, with wooden or metallic detailing.
This way, they’re not only protected behind glass
from moisture damage, but also celebrated every time
you pass by. Rather than cluster them with similar
photos, place them next to social media moments and
kids’ artwork so they really stand out.

Sepia Vintage Photograph in Black Frame


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