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THE JUMPSUIT DEBATE To wear, or not to wear

The jumpsuit. The perfect substitute to the dress, the favoured festival piece, the adult baby grow…? This one-piece has divided the fashion and outside world alike. We put it to the panel at HoF HQ – to wear, or not to wear a jumpsuit.



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I was one of the late comers to the jumpsuit game. Dubious of looking like a big baby, I dipped a toe into the trend by investing in a loungewear style – bandeau and made of the comfiest material – which I just lazed around my flat in. My flat ensemble turned to my errand running wardrobe, which swiftly became my Sunday pub day get-up. I guess that’s why I rate them so much, they’re so wearable. The jumpsuit is probably the hardest working piece I own – you don’t have to really think about your outfit, because it brings all the drama itself. They are the Beyonce of the wardrobe realm.

It’s on a single-handed mission to save us from a plethora of drunken (or if you’re anything like me) clumsy sober, flashings – we’re all now free to dance on as many tables as we please, without introducing everyone to our underwear. That is until it comes to going to the toilet in a public place. Ladies, we’ve all been there; having to strip from the chest down to relieve yourself and then battling to do the fiddly fastenings up. It’s a small price to pay. Plus, that’s what all the girls you’ve just made best friends with in the toilet are for, to zip and fasten you up. Wherever you are, I still think about you, babes.

Before the jumpsuit/playsuit popularity, I’m not quite sure what the female population wore to a festival. The easy ‘I-just-threw-this-on’ number takes us right through from muddy stage-to-stage treks to dancing until the morning to hunting down the best hungover brew. Paired with a tee underneath, jumper over the top or as is, the jumpsuit has the ability to be worn multiple times yet look completely different. Which is great when it comes to packing. This trusty one piece takes up less space but undoubtedly gives you double the style, which means more room for those ten pairs of shoes you’re probably not going to wear.

A man repeller by nature – my boyfriend tends to settle for the “you look…..cute” line, complete with emoji side-eyes – it makes me happy when I see a girl wearing one, looking comfy AND cool and completely dressing for themselves. Slay sister. Floral and flowy, chic and tailored or an ath-leisure style, the jumpsuit caters to whatever us ladies have got planned…unless that particular plan is going to the toilet a lot.

Fashion is about to reach peak Jumpsuit, and that’s a little glimmer of optimism in today’s gloomy world – for some. As I sit here in my khaki boilersuit, you may find it contradictory of me to say I’m not a fan of jumpsuits. Comfort, yes. Style, hell no. Anything that muddies the lines between a glorified onesie and oversized toddler wear shouldn’t be considered ‘a look’ in my book.

Just like pyjamas being spotted on a Tesco dash, the jumpsuit has become that piece that you know is not really meant to be worn out, but you do it anyway. For some reason itself and its evil twin, the ‘playsuit’, have quickly become a staple look for every festival goer, want-to-be-snapped-street styler and teeny bopper. I ask you, what’s the difference between those fleece animal themed onesies and a jumpsuit? Nothing much.

Yes, they may be practical and they just may well be convenient, but in the words of the great Anna Della Russo ‘fashion should not be comfortable.’ Now, Anna and I are not suggesting you should go out and only last half the night due to an extremely uncomfortable ensemble, but when you’re going out on the razz, you should feel like you’re going out on the razz. A dancefloor get-up should not look the part lounging out home on the sofa.

Maybe I’ve only been exposed to a certain type of jumpsuit – you know the one, ghastly paisley in pattern, that fabric that will crease if you just look at it, and of an oversized, ill fit. What happened to woman wanting to enhance their figure, not hide it? I get it, whatever empowers you is what you should wear, but power dressing is a term for a reason, and I’m not too sure if this one piece fits into this category.

Like the rara skirt, jeggings and the cullotte before it, this is a fad of a fashion that has come back around, for a reason no one quite knows. Maybe it’s just me but I thought fashion, for both sexes, was about having your own look – this is impossible when it comes to a jumpsuit. Unless your accessory game is on point, it seems to prove difficult to individualise yourself in this step-in-and-pull-up piece.





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