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WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT WIMBLEDON 13 facts on the 130th Anniversary

Another year, another summer and one of the biggest sporting events in the calendar. A keen tennis enthusiast or just there for Pimm’s and strawberries, there might be a few things you don’t know about the event. So you can brush up on your general tennis knowledge, we’ve got 13 little known facts to mark Wimbledon’s 130th Anniversary.

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1. In the Men’s Singles Championship, the Isner–Mahut match in 2010 is the longest match in tennis history in both time and number of games; 11 hours and 5 minutes of play over three days.

2. Ball girls weren’t allowed on Centre Court until 1985.

3. In true British fashion, 235,000 glasses of Pimms were drunk at the games in 2015 and 350,000 teas and coffees.

4. Total prize money this year will be £28.1 million, making Wimbledon the highest paid tennis competition in the world.

5. Winners of men’s and ladies’ singles receive £2 million and runners up £1 million.

6. In 2015, 2,100 kilos of bananas were supplied for players.

7. The shortest ever Wimbledon game recorded was in the 1922 Ladies’ Singles Final where Suzanne Lenglen defeated Molla Mallory in 23 minutes.

8. In 1977 ball girls were introduced – ball boys and girls are known as BBGs.

9. Yellow balls were first used in 1986.

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10. When it comes to players’ clothing, a ‘predominately in white’ rule was introduced in 1963. Yet the 'almost entirely in white’ rule was introduced in 1995.

11. The quickest serve at Wimbledon for men was by Taylor Dent in 2010 at 148mph, and for women, 129mph by Venus Williams in 2008.

12. Rufus the Harris Hawk flies for one hour at 9am most mornings of The Championships to deter local pigeons from roosting in the grounds.

13. There were only 200 spectators at the first Wimbledon and tickets for the final were sold for only one shilling.







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